Open Letter to Cohasset Board of Selectmen

Selectman Chairman Ted Carr
Selectman Diane Kennedy

Dear Ted and Diane,

Thanks for doing the right thing last Tuesday. Ted, I watched you try to slow things down several times, divert your board from taking any action on conservation commission re-appointments until selectmen had discussed the matter as a full board.

You both appeared stunned when your fellow selectmen quickly moved to “strike” three members of the conservation commission and replace them with three new members.

Diane, you told your board: “This doesn’t feel good to me.” You also wondered what had happened between your last meeting and this meeting, saying you thought the board was prepared to just vote the entire slate of re-appointments, after ethics commission tests had been taken.

It must be obvious to both of you that three members of your board are meeting without you and you need to nip this in the bud, now, if you’re going to work together as a board. Otherwise, you’re going to have one very confused town manager and many confused boards and committees. Further, a lot of people aren’t going to want to work for you.

Maybe the board of selectmen needs a refresher ethics test.

So put it on an upcoming agenda.

Discuss how the board needs to work together, deliberate on issues as a board.  Maybe even after discussion and debate Carlson, Jenkins and Koed would have voted the same way.  But we would have all felt better about what they did and maybe they wouldn’t have rushed in to “strike” two younger members from the conservation commission when there are already one or two older members on the commission who have been talking about retiring.

The conservation commission is appointed by the selectmen. You can remove sitting members for cause and you can vote to not re-appoint members for any reason at all. But as town fathers, and mother, the board should want to appear to be fair. The people of Cohasset want their board of selectmen to be fair. We want the people you appoint to this commission to enforce the State Wetlands Laws and the Town’s local Wetland and Storm by-Laws. That’s the conservation commission’s only reason for being.

It is my understanding that 5 out of 7 members applying for the conservation members were members of the E-20, and all seven letters of application were and-delivered to the selectmen by E-20 member Tom Killelea. That’s seven red flags.  All 7 members have the appearance of a conflict of interest.

Selectmen chose to appoint new members from people pre-selected by the E20


Tanna Kasperowicz, Publisher


© Copyright 2011 Tanna K, All rights Reserved. Written For: Tinytown Unleashed