No Water Concession for Cohasset Town Meeting

Those of worried about a Cohasset water concession contract, however small, can sleep peacefully tonight. Monday’s Town Meeting will be asked to vote on a regular old Water Maintenance and Operations contract.

Acting Town Manager Mike Milanoski opened bids Thursday, May 17. The Town received three 2-year proposals and three five-year proposals. Water Commissioners, Selectman Paul Carlson, Advisory Chair Peter Pescatore and a member of Capital Budget will look over the proposals Friday and choose one to present to Annual Town meeting Monday night. If they choose one of the two-year bidders Town Meeting will not need to vote on it.

Milanoski said information and the proposal chosen would be available to the press sometime Saturday afternoon.

Cohasset Water Chair Peter DeCaprio said Water Companies found Cohasset too small for a concession contract, but were all interested in the possibility of bidding on Cohasset Sewer in two years, when the contract comes up.

Also, DeCaprio said Cohasset Water would be returning significant funds to the Town this year. Selectmen voted the FY 13 Water Budget as $890,000 – but it is expected to be even lower with a new operations and maintenance company.

DeCaprio said former manager Mike Coughlin ruined the possibility of Cohasset Water getting a concession contract for the Town. But we think not. We think the town was just too small. DeCaprio’s blogging didn’t seem to stop the proposals from coming in, but the carrot was probably Cohasset Sewer.

I guess there are a lot of good things about small.

In related news.

Renewed interest: ATT and Verizon are once again interested in putting a cell tower on top of the Bear Hill Water Tank which would bring in $50,000 a year to the the Town. DeCaprio said Avalon will also generate some new income.

Selectmen news.

• Selectmen stole another employee from Scituate. Jane Cunniff Lepardo, Scituate’s Treasurer/Collector will assume the same title in Cohasset  on July 2.

• Selectmen accepted the $240,500 high bid for the town-owned two family property at 821 Jerusalem Road which was sold at auction last week. There were 11 qualified bidders.

• Selectmen voted 3-2 to not recommend a $100,000 CPC article to purchase 34 acres offered to the Cohasset Conservation Trust. The CPC’s share of the purchase price would be $100,00; the CCT would put up the other $150,000. Selectmen Fred Koed and Diane Kennedy voted in favor of the purchase, saying it was a good deal at $3,000 an acre. Both Koed and Kennedy thought it should be kept as a wildlife preserve.  Advisors voted 6-1 against the article.

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  3 comments for “No Water Concession for Cohasset Town Meeting

  1. Mike Coughlin
    May 18, 2012 at 4:20 pm

    My concern is not so much about posting but under the Open Meeting Law a comprehensive set of minutes is required. A complete record is essential if this matter has to be referred to the Inspector General’s office for further review or if ten taxpayers wish to file a complaint against the process.

    A key question will be a decision that recommends a two year option that does not require town meeting action. If this is the case– there would be strong issues for the Inspector General and the Board of Selectmen to answer– in February/March– there was an understanding if not promise that Town Meeting would vote on the matter– if the decision of the selection committee were to deprive town meeting of their say– clearly the issue will have to be referred for further review

  2. May 18, 2012 at 9:41 am

    It’s posted.

  3. Mike Coughlin
    May 18, 2012 at 7:19 am

    Although I am glad that the town meeting will not consider a concession agreement however I am concerned about the selection committee– it must meet pursuant to the Open Meeting Law.

    According to the Open Meeting Law, the provisions apply to a “multi member body created to advise or make recommendations to a public body”

    It would seem that a selections committee composed of the Vice Chair of the Selectmen, the Chair of the Advisory and a member of the Capital Budget Committee which is expected to advise the selectmen and the Water Commission is such a multi member body.

    As such its meetings must be posted, open to the public and minutes recorded. If such is not observed– a complaint should be made

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