Moonwalking with Einstein

The above titled book was written by Joshua Foer, published by the Penguin Group in 2011. This isn’t really a review of the book, which is excellent and which you should read. This is all the stuff which happened in the news and what I thought about while reading it . – Tanna Kasperowicz

If you saw the movie CONTACT (1997) you will remember Dr. Eleanor Arroway’s excitement in discovering (via radio telescopes) strong evidence of extraterrestrial life from the vicinity of the star Vega. It’s a weird science fiction drama written by liberals. Arroway is played by Jodie Foster. While it has a good beginning -it ends in mush. You watch the entire movie and you end up yawning. Jodie’s daddy in alien form shows up, because the aliens were prepping us for an encounter. Jodie Foster was their medium. The events in this movie all led up to nothing. Nonetheless, it won the Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation.

Those radio telescopes (see Page 2) were searching for a message from aliens  until President Obama cut their budget. I can’t truly say he was wrong about doing so, as I never believed it was going to amount to anything. But when he killed that program, along with NASA, I must say I lost any hope for civilization to escape our planet when our sun explodes someday. I had always supposed that my children,and my grandchildren would be long gone before that happened. Now I don’t know.

It seems all the dire predictions about the future are happening next week.

Last year it was predicted that Social Security would go bankrupt in 2036. This past January Human Events said it is already bankrupt – paying out $45 billion more in benefits than it takes in – which means American Socialism is about to bite the dust.

I listen to all the ads which tell me to convert my holdings into gold and silver. I notice one of my Cohasset neighbors has obtained chickens, and I think he may have a better idea. One can’t eat gold or silver.

And so, I am getting ready for the end of civilization as we know it.  Last week I bought 4 tomato plants from Holly Hill Farm and put them into a pot in the backyard.

This fall I am going to replant two Forsythia bushes somewhere else in the yard and plant a kitchen garden. We have old windows in the attic – they will help me to force a third growing season.

I am eyeballing Lucky, our dog. Hundreds of years ago dogs were a food source. Dogs and wolves took their chances living with humans. Some of them became pets, but mostly they were portable sources of food. If you couldn’t find a deer or buffalo, you ate the dogs.

Should I trade in Lucky for chickens, some goats and a pig?  What would PETFINDER say if I told them I ate the dog I adopted from them? Would this be the way to deal with all the homeless cats and dogs?

You and I are not unlike the early Pilgrims who were basically a bunch of city folk with city skills. They weren’t farmers and yet they shipped off to a foreign land where they were going to have to grow their own food. Whatever were they thinking?

We are modern day Pilgrims. We are sailing in strange economic seas and we have no idea where we will land or how we will cope when we do land.
One thing is clear. We are not smarter than our forebears.

And we don’t put our minds to good use, at least I don’t. I have been glued to the Casey Anthony murder hearing for the past two weeks. I was able to watch the trial on my computer on live stream so I could work while I watched.  And I did this when I could have been…planting carrots..or taking a drawing course with Franny  Andahazy at Oceanside Studio & Gallery or hooking a rug. How do  I account for that lost time?
My iphone has all kinds of addicting apps. I can play chess with the computer at any time during the night. I turned off the sound so my moves don’t wake my husband. Who cares whether I win or lose – I am not interacting with a human, just a computer. For awhile I thought I was becoming a better chess player, now I’m not sure.

At any point in time I can turn on the TV and be entertained for hours – movie after movie. And what do I learn? Many times I find myself watching movies several times because I don’t remember seeing them, or I forget the ending.

Why am I watching the Glee Project?

Masterpiece Theater is wonderful but it’s not real and who cares. People dress up in old clothes and say things people today think they said. It’s all very quaint on TV but in those years 30 was old and lots of people were walking around with huge goiters. Mostly people went to church because when everybody is dying young it scares the bejesus out of you. Your mother goes out in the garden in the morning, pricks her finger on a rosebush and by evening she dies of an infection. When those kinds of things happen you pay attention to life.

If you are anything like me, you are wasting a lot of your time.

Moonwalking with Einstein is written by a young man who shows us that there is more room in our brains than we are using; we are not taking time to contemplate what we are reading; we live in a world of information and yet we are starving because we do not have the time to think.

I have resolved to change.

This may require giving up my iphone –  which is alleged to be causing brain cancer.

© Copyright 2011 Tanna K, All rights Reserved. Written For: Tinytown Unleashed

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