Milanoski to appoint Acting Police Chief as Permanent next week

Acting town manager Mike Milanoski blindsided Cohasset Selectmen yet again when he highlighted the qualifications of Acting Police Chief Bill Quigley and told selectmen he was going to appoint Quigley to the permanent position at the selectmen’s meeting next week.

(Last April Selectmen vote 5-0 to set aside the Cohasset Police search ( saying there was a lack of public process and the ad was set up to reflect the qualifications of one person, the acting police chief. In late June a newly elected board of selectmen halted the police chief for a final time, saying they were close to hiring a permanent town manager and wanted that individual to make the chief’s appointment.

Tuesday night Milanoski said he wanted to have a meeting with Koed and with selectmen and offered to bring in District Attorney Mike Morrissey to tell selectmen why Quigley should be chief. He also said he had hired Chief Wayne Sampson of the Mass Police Chiefs Association to qualify Quigley at the cost of $1,000.

“I look forward to your response at the next meeting,” Milanoski said.

Although Milanoski said he was looking for the board’s input, we think not so much. Because Quigley’s pending appointment of Bill Quigley was not on the agenda, selectmen were not able to discuss it at Tuesday’s meeting.

Koed said he was first informed of Milanoski’s intention while having breakfast at 7:30 a.m. Tuesday, August 20 – the day of the selectmen’s meeting. Koed said he asked Milanoski to reconsider his plan to appoint Quigley at Tuesday’s meeting. “I didn’t know was going to happen tonight.”

Selectman Karen Quigley said she felt blindsided by the news. She felt selectmen might need to hold an executive session on labor negotiations regarding recent events.

On Wednesday, Ausut 21 this newspaper learned that Milanoski had allegedly negotiated Bill Quigley’s appointment with the Cohasset Police Union. The Union allegedly said it would make Firefighter I in police contract disappear if selectmen appointed Quigley as chief. Holy cow.

Selectman Quigley moved to amend the agenda to discuss the acting town manager’ s plan to appoint the permanent police chief. There was no second to her motion.

Diane Kenney said she too was not happy about being blindsided. She thought the full board should be present to discuss this issue.

Selectmen have 15 days from the time of the appointent to reject the appoinment.


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