Milanoski quotes wrong law in agenda & other stuff

A quick look at the now cancelled Cohasset’s Selectmen’s agenda for Jan. 2 shows that the 7:25 p.m. agenda item was referenced as pertaining to Mass General Law 268A that deals with the conflict of interest law.

The agenda item was as follows: Discussion of unauthorized release (MGL 268A) confidential / attorney client privileged information from a BoS Member to general public. – Action Requested.

What illegal town manager Milanoski alleges to have occurred has absolutely nothing to do with this law, which is the conflict of interest law pertaining to financial interests.

More important, the selectman in question was never officially notified that the agenda item to be discussed was about her. The Open Meeting Law requires notice to discuss complaints regarding a “public officer, employee, staff members or individuals.” Under the ethics laws, BOS are considered employees.

It is assumed Town Counsel got a hold of the agenda, saw the improper quoting of the law Milanoski was going to use to go after one of his bosses, came to the understanding that the unnamed selectman had not been notified, and suggested that it would be best if the meeting were to be cancelled. We would say so.

It is assumed that the subjects to be considered on the Jan. 2 warrant will now be deferred to the Jan. 8th regularly scheduled meeting. In all likely-hood we will see the above agenda item pop up quoting a different law.  If it shows up at all. We have already submitted a letter asking for the mystery document to be revealed, as it has already been released to the the general (sic) public.

The proof is in the pudding. Experience is important.

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