Milanoski now makes more than Gov. Deval Patrick

Acting Town Manager Mike Milanoski’s new contract signed and effective Jan. 15, 2013 is an amazing one for a town that has the 10th highest tax rate in the state and wants town unions to take no raises this year — after Milanoski and other town officials bragging for months about the $1MM it made in new growth.

Starting Jan. 15th, Milanoski is making $150,000 a year with 5 weeks vacation plus $300 a month in addition to his regular compensation. People who have served their companies for many years get five weeks vacation. Doesn’t usually happen with new hires that have served the town less than a year. Some people get that kind of vacation after 20 years.

It is interesting that Milanoski doesn’t wish to use a town purchased cell phone, but never mind, the town will reimburse him for his personal plan. Milanoski has been tracking employees’ cell phone usage, threatening to fire them if he finds any personal calls. Perhaps he’s afraid his personal calls will catch up to him, as personal calls are wont to do.

Milanoski has to work, at a minimum, the same number of hours, as the Office of the Board is open to the public. He has to be available to meet with the public on Tuesdays. And he is permitted to devoting no more than eight hours per week for his private consulting providing that such efforts are outside the normal business hours of Town Hall. One citizen commented:

“This man hardly keeps any normal business hours. Just how would that work?” Yes indeed, how

Article 4 Sect. 4.2 of the contract says “Nothing herein shall be construed to prevent the BOARD from increasing MILANOSKI’S compensation at its discretion in the event additional duties are assigned to him nor shall it be construed to require an increase in compensation in such event.” But you know how this board loves to give Milanoski money. If elections don’t put a stop to this – Milanoski will be at $170,000 in no time at all.

The vote on Milanoski’s contract was 4-1 – with Selectman Martha Gjesteby voting no.

FACT: Milanoski now makes more than Gov. Deval Patrick.

Less than a year ago Mike Milanoski was following Mike Coughlin around town learning how to do the job. Then last February when Coughlin was fired Milanoski volunteered to “help out the town” until Selectmen could find themselves a professional town manager. The next thing we knew, Milanoski was named town manager, this in spite of the fact that he had not been separated from his appointed jobs with the town long enough to qualify under the Town Manager Act.

A search committee never vetted Milanoski. Selectmen had never seen his resume. He was just…”Ted’s (former selectman Ted Carr) neighbor,” and that was good enough for the Cohasset Board of Selectmen. He started last April with a $115,000 contract. Last September selectmen upped his salary to $132,500 – and five months later selectmen gave him a new contract and upped his salary another $20,000 to the $150,000 he has enjoyed since Jan. 15, just a few days ago.

Milanoski’s new $150,000 contract says he is an acting town manager, but his contract is for a year, and acting town managers aren’t supposed to get one-year contracts. They’re supposed to get letter contracts in 3 and 6-month stages. They hardly accrue any vacation time because during this time the town fathers and mothers are supposed to be advertising for a professional town manager that will be vetted by a proper screening committee.

Town Counsel Paul DeRensis advised selectmen to keep Milanoski on the old, illegal contract through June and then do a 6-month acting town manager contract through December, but selectmen ignored DeRensis’ advice.

Actually – selectmen are tired of DeRensis not agreeing with them and they are seeking proposals from a new town counsel firm. They say they’re putting out some other RFP’s also, but town counsel services was the only one Selectman Diane Kennedy mentioned.

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  1. scottmcoyne
    January 19, 2013 at 4:25 pm

    Al, Count me in, I am more than willing to help.

  2. Al Stefan
    January 19, 2013 at 8:33 am

    Thanks Tanna. As we all know, Comp packages are typically based on experience around a known regional or role based number. Clearly MM is low on the experience. Does anyone know the avg. package for a town our size in MA? Also, sounds like they just split down the middle from 130 to 170… As far as experience, only Martha would care/fight on that point. The others only care that they “own” him and can direct him at their whim, (which is a fantastic strategy, working very very well for them).

    The net of all this continues to be that, despite whatever horrible, bullying, negative, Country Club-esque tactics, they apply, they are simply better organized than the voices opposed to them. Until that balance tips the other way the frustration will continue. Those opposed to them, including myself, must better organize and communicate within the town, to vote at least 2 more of the BOS out. They won’t go easily, and its clear the State of MA couldn’t care less.

    Who’s gonna organize beer night at Dooley’s for meeting 1. Leave your emotion at home, and bring your candidates and your walking shoes to start going door to door. We can skip the homes of Chamillard, Killelea, Dormitzer, DeCaprio, and the other clowns getting their jollies from controlling a small town…

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