Milanoski blames Gazette for calling the media – he has to be kidding

So who called the television stations, radio station(s) and every newspaper BUT the Tinytown Gazette to give them the good news about the Town of Cohasset’s health agent closing down the Red Lion Inn (Red) for 24 hours last week?


At selectmen’s Tues meeting Illegal acting town manager Mike Milanoski actually blamed the Tinytown Gazette for calling the press. That’s stretching things a tiny bit, considering that we filed our first story on Red two days after it occurred. It’s a weird theory – so weird it makes me suspect Mega Media Milanoski is trying to defect clues away from himself.  Not only did I read every Nancy Drew book ever written, I wrote one. So I am not clueless. And I suspect Milanoski himself of having done the dirty deed, especially when he recklessly tried to throw the blame for his own deed at this opinion newspaper. It was a frantic move.

After the selectmen’s meeting last night Inn owner Jerry Ordelheide told this blog that he was considering offering a sizeable award for information leading to the person who defamed his business. It was so sizeable that we’re waiting until after we talk with him tomorrow morning to post the actual amount. Just in case he cools down and decides to offer less.


Our last Wednesday morning blog basically reported Red’s side of the story, as nobody else had bothered to do so.

Our first story on the subject wasn’t so wrong. Ordelheide didn’t understand why he had received two bills within months of one another. He thought the second one was a mistake.


And there certainly was confusion on the town’s end. According to Mega Media Milanoski, the Board of Health had forgotten to send invoices to over 17 establishments. Little wrongs here, little wrongs there. Nothing big enough to close down an establishment that has been in Cohasset since 1704 and may be one of Cohasset’s largest taxpayers, if not the largest. Red’s one of the companies that allows Milanoski to enjoy his $150,000 a year salary and the selectmen to enjoy their $39.00 a month.

Selectman Diane Kennedy said it best. “The town has been lax. This is (an example) of that. Can we in the future send a certified letter a week or 10 days before we close somebody down?  For practical purposes we should make a commitment to do that in a small town.”

Lots of strange, weird, wonderful people make up the fabric of our town.  We know them. Anybody in business who has clients knows them well.  A lot of people don’t realize that Jerry is not a citizen of our country; He has to reside outside of the country for so many months out of every year. Sometimes he pays late – but he always pays.  Sometimes there is confusion, but he always pays.


He is an even better man than you will ever know.

And he is supporting anybody who is running against Lee Jenkins. But after the discussion even Jenkins agreed that in the future people have to be notified before something like this happens.


 Milanoski said he would tell his health agent to add a certified letter to his repertoire. Good move.


Selectmen still love you Milanoski, but you’re starting to lose your glow. After awhile, we all do, you know.

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