Mike Coughlin has some questions – so do we all

(Editor’s note: this will be Mike Coughlin’s last blog, as he is proceeding with legal action against the town.) 

By Mike Coughlin

In this week’s Mariner… Union President Pat Reardon makes the following statement

          “We brought forth a list of allegations backed up by evidence and a thorough investigation.

          “We’re still waiting for a result of the town’s investigation.”

While we know who is conducting the town’s investigation: disgraced investigator and sexual videographer Richard Sjoberg, my question is who conducted the union’s thorough investigation as referenced by Union President Reardon?

Was it Officer Reardon? Although he is union president he is a witness in the chief’s allegation that Mike Milanoski interfered with his internal affairs investigation. If Reardon did conduct it, it would be akin to investigating himself – biased but certainly not thorough.

Was it Sgt. Treanor? – yet another union official. Sgt Treanor was the subject of the internal affairs investigation. Once again, he would be investigating himself.

Was it one of the officers who all went down to Washington with Deputy Chief Quigley to observe police week? If so, how can a friend objectively investigate another friend; once again, biased but not “thorough”

Was it Detective Lt. Lennon? How can he be part of a union investigation when he is not a member of that union? He is a one- man member of his own union (Lts. Lennon and Quigley– since Quigley’s promotion– only one member).

Was it Deputy Chief Quigley? How can he be part of a union when he is not a member of any union as Deputy Chief?

Since the union brought forward charges against the chief and are pushing the Board of Selectmen and ultimately the people of Cohasset to railroad their police chief, should the union share the identify of who conducted its thorough investigation?

Since the BOS voted to exonerate the Interim Town Manager of allegations that he interfered with an ongoing Internal Affairs Investigation of Sgt. Treanor by Chief Deluca on the basis of a report rendered by disgraced private detective Richard Sjoberg, who likely based his report on the union’s self proclaimed thorough investigation shouldn’t they revisit that decision before granting any contract extension to Mr. Milanoski?

(Editor’s note: this will be Mike Coughlin’s last blog, as he is proceeding with legal action against the town.) 

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  1. Mike Coughlin
    October 25, 2012 at 4:09 pm


    Thank you. Having only been in Cohasset for only a couple of months, I got played in your husband’s case and ended up hurting you and your family. I look forward to ensuring that justice is finally done. Please be in touch.

  2. Joni Conte
    October 25, 2012 at 7:50 am

    I have had many calls over the last week to read the town blogs. VERY interesting information and your perception of what happened to my husband and Chief Deluca was/is right on! What is most interesting is why the wicked local blogs just disappeared?!?!

    We WILL be in touch.

  3. Mike Coughlin
    October 25, 2012 at 1:52 am

    Tanna is correct that this is my last blog. In the very near future, my legal team willing be pursuing legal action against the town and as such — direct comments between the parties in a court proceeding should be through their respective attorneys– that said…

    Since Memorial Day, I have been outspoken in my defense of Chief Deluca. I truly feel he and other town employees were crucified only because they supported me as Town Manager.

    This past summer, the Board of Selectmen voted to clear Mr. Milanoski of charges that he interfered in an internal investigation being conducted by Chief Deluca concerning Sgt Trainor. The basis of this vote was a recommendation from Mr. Sjoberg– who the town hired as their self proclaimed “independent investigator”.

    Aside from being fired from the Weymouth Police Department, what expertise does he have with respect to rendering any opinion as to the actions of a command officer in the law enforcement profession. Think about it… Only seven years as a cop before being fired, never holding command rank like sergeant, lieutenant, captain or deputy chief, was never an instructor at a police academy or taught a police management course at the college level.

    So how can Mr. Sjoberg be termed an expert in police procedure? What credibility does he have to make an opinion on how a senior officer should conduct an internal affairs investigation? How can Mr Sjoberg render a recommendation to BOS to clear Mr. Milanoski?

    Maybe because the course of the investigation was predetermined or is it because Mr. Milanoski as Acting Town Manager is approving payment for Mr. Sjoberg and the Town Attorney’s bills. So– its time for the BOS to revisit the issue.

    It only stands to reason– if you base a decision to exonerate on the opinion of an expert and later that expert turns out to be a phoney– then common sense dictates that you took another look at the decision.– Unless of course you believe in the approach and thinking of Selectmen Lee “I don’t care about the Law” Jenkins…

    Now through Officer Pat Reardon it is coming out that the union had its “own thorough” investigation” How could it be called “thorough”– given the timeframe in which the union made those allegations about Chief Deluca to the Interim Town Manager.

    Along these lines, how can officers who exchanged phone calls in the dead of night with the Interim Town Manager claim about the allegations later claim that they were the product of a “thorough investigation”.

    In a prior posting on Tinytown, I reasoned that Mr. Sjoberg struck out in his investigation. If there really was a “thorough investigation” by the police union, then Union President Reardon also struck out as well.

    Strike One– Chief Deluca authorized the delivery of medication to Logan Airport for Bobby Heyden— Since I believe Office Reardon was the Officer who delivered the medication, I can only speculate but its a good bet that he brought the charge. If Officer Reardon was concerned about the delivery– why didn’t Officer Reardon or the union timely bring this matter to my attention?

    In any event, Officer Reardon or the union’s “thorough” investigation also failed to contact me– Had they– they would have learned I approved it. Its sort of funny that there has been much “blogging” as to whether it was cancer medication– what difference does the type of medication make– I approved the delivery and all I can tell you that most people once they hit 50 including yours truly– start taking medication for something– so Pat– Strike One

    Strike Two– It is also alleged by the union and its “thorough investigation” that Chief Deluca issued my daughter an intern id card– Since Sgt Trainor drove my daughter to get the ID- I can only speculate but its also a good bet that this allegation came from him. Well Officer Reardon and Sgt Trainor–both officers in the union– why didn’t your “thorough investigation” question either me or my daughter.

    Lets take a look at this– Officer Reardon is the Union President and the officer who Mr. Milanoski talked to about the discipline of Sgt Trainor— so he is at the center of the allegation that Chief Deluca made claiming that Mr. Milanoski interfered his investigation. Similarly, Sgt Trainor– like Officer Reardon–also a leader in the union, was the subject of the internal investigation initiated by Chief Deluca the inappropriate use a police Humvee at the election in May.

    So what is the evidence alluded to by Officer Reardon in his statement to support the union’s allegations– if its evidence given by Officer Reardon as to the delivery to Logan and Sgt Trainor as to my daughter’s ID– its evidence that only proves that claims that “thorough investigation” were in Halloween terms– a Trick rather than a Treat

    While Detective LT Lennon was tasked by Chief Deluca to
    conduct the investigation of Sgt Trainor, was LT Lennon also tasked by the Acting Town Manager and Chairman Carlson to assist Mr. Sjoberg? If so did the Deputy Chief approve as Acting Chief

    We must also ask whether the fact that Deputy Chief Quigley, Sgt Trainor and other members of the department all travelled down to Washington together to observe police week later affect their objectivity into Sgt Trainor discipline by Chief Deluca —Its only human nature but its pretty hard to investigate friends–

    Strike Three – given that someone brought up Toys for Tots–why didn’t the union’s “thorough investigation” contact the Marines

    As to the conduct of Mr. Milanoski– I have been in this business for twelve years– unless it was a murder, an officer injured in the line of duty, natural disaster or an emergency– I was never on the phone at 3AM talking to the Deputy Chief about the Police Chief– and remember, I removed a sitting civil service protected chief in Southbridge.

    Again as we approach Halloween, only those with unclean of hands lurk in the dark.

    So for President Reardon– what do you mean in your statement by the term “we”
    – Does “we” mean solely the union?
    – Does “we” mean the union and Lt Lennon?
    – Does “we” mean the union, Lt Lennon & Dep Chief Quigley?
    – Does “we” mean the union and Acting Town Manager?

    At a meeting in June, former Chief Hussey urged the selectmen to not put their trust in any investigation run by the Town Attorney– At that meeting, Paul Carlson urged all of us to put their faith in Mr. Sjoberg because of his professionalism and impeccable character– Now we all know that is not true– only the self serving comments of Mr. Milanoski– and of course he would say that– after all Mr. Sjoberg recommended that the BOS clear him

    Aside from the videotaping, Mr. Sjoberg has little police experience– other than being fired for misconduct. And by the way, Mr Milanoski– the fact that the State Police does background in conjunction with the licensing for private detectives– it is by no means a recommendation by that agency as to the competency and expertise as an investigator. The fact is like doctors and lawyers, there are different investigators for different tasks– some may be great for security, background checks, insurance work, divorce cases and accident investigation but no way can Sjoberg hold himself out as an expert on police matters.

    At that same meeting, I recall that Chairman Carlson alluded to Lt Lennon’s participation in the investigation of Chief Deluca particularly citing his 17 years in law enforcement. Once again, is Lt Lennon the union’s investigator?–if not who and if so who approved his participation– Deputy Chief Quigley or Acting Town Milanoski?

    In standard practice for Town Managers, in instances where virtually the entire department is part of the controversy to bring in a truly outside investigator— if the “we” as Pat Reardon states refers to folks who are not solely members of his union then the citizens of Cohasset should know who they because it will only confirm a notion that is growing each day – namely –that this investigation is not “thorough” but compromised beyond repair.

    Mr Sjoberg may be known for directing his own films but is now clear that we also finding out that Mr. Milanoski is also producing and directing his own movies and his is a horror movie- a nightmare for those that are involved.

    To victims whether they be young women who didn’t know that they were being filmed by Mr Sjoberg or a veteran police chief who is being taken out as a consequence of toxic politics by an Acting Town Manager with no experience, the films of Mr. Sjoberg and Mr. Milanoski do have something in common– they are both obscene.

    The Chief of the Weymouth Police Department put an end to Mr. Sjoberg’s film career and the people of Cohasset should do the same for Mr. Milanoski’s– and this starts with getting a complete picture of happened at the Cohasset Police Department before the Selectmen act on any contract extension for the Acting Town Manager.

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