Mighty Fine – New Cohasset Town Manager Mike Coughlin

Cohasset Town Manager Mike Coughlin gave his board a 45-minute synopses (August 16 meeting) on what he’s been doing since he started working for the town on August 1. Selectwoman Diane Kennedy said: “You certainly hit the ground running. I can feel the breeze.”

Coughlin will meet with the school committee next week to discuss budget and planning. He’s hiring a new treasurer/collector after Labor Day. Also, he will be hiring some part time financial help for Director of Finance and Town Accountant John Stanbrook “to clean up certain things.” Coughlin said he’s already received a heads-up on the expenditure from the chair of the advisory committee.

Coughlin will

  1. Invite the town auditor back for a 6-month update on changes the town has made, and changes in progress. “We’re ready to turn a corner,” Coughlin said.
  2. Expand Mark Brennan’s duties (interim Town Manager Steve Lombard budgeted this) to assist the Coughlin and Stanbrook in dealing with water/sewer issues. Coughlin said this would be a transition into better management of these departments. When Selectman Paul Carlson asked Coughlin if he had run this by water and sewer commissioners he said no, he sees it as his responsibility to manage these departments
  3. Cohasset Veterans Agent Joe McElory plans to resign his position. The position will now be handled regionally.
  4. Mike Coughlin has asked department heads to draw up goals and objectives that will be shared with selectman. He will also require department heads to make monthly reports.
  5. The South Shore Regional Call Center will open September 15, unless the Verizon work stoppage curtails the opening. Coughlin is looking for a way to keep the police station open at night. He is against using police explorer scouts to replace the Cohasset Call Center dispatchers who will be relocating to Hingham.
  6. Cohasset Town Manager Mike Coughlin advised selectmen to support a canine unit for Cohasset Police Department. “It’s a good concept,” Coughlin said, noting that the police chief had pretty much found ways to fund this program, at no cost to the town. “It’s a multiplier for the department.”

In related news…

Weymouth Councilor Victor Pap and Gary Peters, co-director of the Fore River Bridge Neighborhood Association, asked Cohasset Selectmen to support their desire for a new drawbridge (as opposed to the more expensive vertical life span bridge, which would require the main channel to be widened). The temporary (erector set) bridge is now almost 10 years old, its predicted life span.  Selectmen said they would take it under advisement.

Bryan Baldwin was appointed sewer as a sewer commissioner. He replaces James Dow who recently resigned from the commission.

Selectmen appointed the following people to the Senior Center Building Committee: Advisory Committee members Peter Pescatore (chairman) and Tom Reardon. At-large members: Linda Mooney, Joan Brown, Diana Karcher and Woody Chittick.

Selectman Chairman Ted Carr asked the Town Manager (Mike Coughlin) to contact the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to see if the Sept. 1 Cat Dam Site Review could be changed to a later date. See this link for more information on the Site Review: http://tinytownunleashed.com/?p=1124


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