McMorris writes open letter to Peter DeCaprio

(Cohasset Water Commissioner Peter DeCaprio writes frequent commentaries in the Cohasset Mariner. This response to him from Ronnie McMorris was exceptionally well stated and we received her permission to run it here. Others such as State Senator Bob Hedlund and State Rep. Garrett Bradley also responded to a commentary by Peter DeCaprio – explaining why it took so long for the Amended Town Manager’s Act to reach the Governor’s desk.)


Ronnie McMorris’ response

Sir, we do not know each other, have never met nor spoken. Yet I seem to play a main character in some continuing evil fantasy that exists in your head and is given voice in your writings, first anonymously and now signed.  Your obsession with me, and this fantasy hate-filled writing is more than inappropriate and distressing.  It creeps me out. I am a private citizen, not an elected official who might expect such continuing and vicious personal attacks. The only true fact in your latest chapter is that I spoke at a Town Meeting over a year ago. From that fact you have made up the rest.

Last year it came to my attention that someone was anonymously posting lengthy and hateful diatribes about me, my children and later, my husband. A second true fact is that my lawsuit uncovered from Gatehouse Media the sources, including IP addresses of these vile posts and the only match belonged to Crow Point Partners, your firm. I have to date not responded to any of this, because frankly it is beyond any normal expectations from a stranger and it is so filled with hate. However, this stalking in written form does not stop. It is slanderous and libelous and at this point I feel personally threatened.

Sir, we have no relationship and will not. We will never be friends, nor enemies. Those who do know me will attest that I am focused on my family and friends, my job, my church and issues beyond Cohasset’s borders. Most recently, I have been focused on time with a close relative who passed away in December. In real life my focus is not Cohasset’s town manager or issues related to it. In real life I do not know Richard Kobayashi of the Collins Center, nor do I believe we ever met more than a dozen years ago, let alone engaged in some conspiratorial plot. This is you thinking about, writing about and pretending some menace that is not me. Please leave me alone and move on.

Further to the Editor –  Shame on you for publishing first anonymous hate and now this signed venom. This is not the open exchange of ideas, it does not make Cohasset a better place, it is vile nonsense in the form of personal attacks and you provide the vehicle for spreading it. Your editorial this week thanks people for their courage in speaking up.  Courage to face an onslaught of vicious personal attacks should not be a necessary prerequisite for speaking your mind.

Ronnie McMorris
Cohasset, MA

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