Massachusetts Norfolk County Republicans on the march for Trump


(Jessica Vaughn at speakers’ table on far left). 

Speakers and 100+ Deplorables (Republican town committee types) met October 6 at Lombardos in Rockland last week. The agenda: support Trump during these final days before the election.

No one cared about Trump’s locker room conversation with a Bush cousin many years ago. Everyone was worried about what would happen to America under a Hillary Clinton administration and what is happening to america under Obama.

GREAT speakers were terrific, but we’re concentrating on Jessica M. Vaughn, director of Policy Studies for CIS.  WEBSITE: : WWW.CIS.ORG. Immigration is a Trump signature issue and the information compiled by CIS is not pretty.

Vaughn said the United States is importing 1 million immigrants a year. Approximately 700,000 are guest workers and 500,000 are newly settled (they’re staying).

According to Vaughn, “The impact on our country is immigrants are making our country bigger, but not better.” She said the USA pays $50 billion a year to immigrants, mostly to immigrants. another $500 billion a year is spent by USA for homeland security. In Massachusetts the cost of immigration to taxpayers is $2 billion a year and growing.

She added that the M513 problem (Mexican Street gangs)  is a bigger security threat than ISIS. Looks like Trump was right.

Upon their arrival, illegals are given access to housing,  and welfare. And they receive these incentives over Americans and veterans.

Numerous speakers noted that Trump recognized the role of government under Obama and under his disciple, Hillary Clinton, would be to not support americans and to not support our police departments or our military. Our Air Force has to go to junkyards to find replacement parts for their airplanes.

Several speakers referred to what is happening under the Obama administration and what would happen under Hillary Clinton as death by a thousand cuts. 

On the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) website, ten immigration questions for Hillary Clinton tonight:

  1. Does Clinton still support construction of the 700 miles of double-border fencing required in the Secure Fence Act of 2006? What type of border security does she support, if any?
  2. Does Clinton support increases in immigration, decreases in immigration, or does she think the current level of approximately one million.
  3. Does Clinton believe there is any limit to what a president can do unilaterally on immigration, and if so, where is that line drawn?
  4. Does Clinton believe that sanctuary cities should continue to release illegal immigrants with felony records instead of handing them over to federal authorities?
  5. Does Clinton believe the State Department should deny visas to foreigners who believe homosexuals should be punished with death? What about foreigners who believe apostates should be executed? What about foreigners who support the practice of female genital mutilation?
  6. Why does Clinton think visa-overstayers are entitled to citizenship? Doesn’t amnesty undermine the efforts of visa adjudicators in the State Department?
  7. In 2006, Clinton said “we need to have tougher employer sanctions” to prevent employers from hiring illegal aliens. What type of sanctions does she support, and will she mandate E-Verify?
  8. Why does Clinton support a 550 percent increase in Syrian refugees when the FBI and USCIS say there are gaps in the data necessary to do adequate screening?
  9. Why has Clinton ignored federal law and allowed tens of thousands of criminal aliens to be released into our neighborhoods?
  10. In light of the controversy surrounding the H-1B visa program, will Clinton end the program or dramatically increase the number of H-1B visas issued each year?














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