Mary Snow responds to Cohasset Selectman Diane Kennedy

I read with interest the letter written by Diane Kennedy which states among other things, the fact that we should value the towns’ employees and the jobs they do.
Being a 25-year employee, I found it ironic that Selectman Kennedy, who at every recent meeting has preached about the importance of leaving personnel issues in the hands of the Town Manager, is ok with interjecting with one group (Police) of employees and not all employees. This creates even more of a “favoritism” atmosphere that already exists at Town Hall.
For the past few years, hirings have been made that have had a direct impact on the attitude we carry when we go to our jobs. We would like nothing more than to do our jobs without having the cloud of intimidation hanging over us.
I have said it before and I will say it again. “Bullies will continue to fail in Cohasset”. There are plenty of good qualified people who will apply for the Police Chief and Town Manager positions. Keep in mind what has worked in Cohasset and what has failed. Look beyond the obvious. Look for the red flags and stay clear of those applicants.
I’m sure my co-workers would support me if I applied to be a DPW Superintendent. Does that mean I should just get the job? Of course not……
Mary Snow
317 North Main Street
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