Marina Evans and Eric Eldering Cornetta Nov. 15th at Hingham’s Coffeehouse off the Square

Hingham’s Coffeehouse off the Square opens the Thanksgiving season with Marina Evans and Hingham’s Eric Eldering Cornetta. Time: 8:00 pm on Saturday, November 15. Openn mic from 8:00 to 8:30. Come and be discovered! 

A new face and voice for us is the widely traveled Marina Evans . She combines strong ,even sultry vocals, unusual melodies and clever edgy lyrics into a style that is all her own. She started in her home town of Rockport and has toured and recorded  across the US and in London and Italy, most recently issuing her latest album “Unbound”!

Eric Cornetta, in turn, is often heard in short segments at the open mike, as a minstrel at Old Ship’s Christmas Merrie Market’ and on his rare CD “On the Horizon“  This will be a chance to hear more of his sweet voice and expressive guitar work doing some of his most requested songs, “Pizza” and “Ghonny Brown” as well as his new songs, “Old Friends” & Baldy’s Reel”.  We can have his long-awaited, highly anticipated new album “… better than lovers …”!

The coffeehouse is at the Old Ship Parish House, 107 Main Street,  just a few doors up  from the Loring Hall Theater in Hingham Square and right by the MBTA’s 220 bus from Quincy Center and a scenic 1 mile walk from the West Hingham commuter rail station..  Handicap-accessible.  Admission is $15.00 at the door (sorry no reservations) and desserts and beverages are $1.00.   Proceeds benefit the Unitarian-Universalist Service Committee.  Volunteers (free admission) are always welcome. For information call 781-749-1767  or go to:

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