Leland Jenkins to serve on Cohasset Advisory Committee thru 2021

Cohasset Troika



Left to right: Selectman Chair Fred Koed, Town Moderator Dan Evans
and Peter Pescatore, Chair of the Advisory committee.

The Cohasset Troika voted 3-0 to put Leland (Lee) Jenkins on the Cohasset Advisory committee through 2021. He will fill part of the unexpired term of Andrew Willard, who recently resigned, and then will complete two three-year terms of his own. Jenkins was a one-term member of the board of selectmen who wrote an illegal multi-year contract with former town manager Mike Milanoski, and then paid him top dollar ($153,000 a year). Milanoski, with no town manager experience, earned $5,000 more than professional town manager Chris Senior who is being paid $148,000 a year for three years.

Former selectman Jenkins voted to fire three members of the conservation commission in 2011; in 2012 he fired former town manager Mike Coughlin and former police chief Mark DeLuca. He was one of three members of the board of selectmen who voted to file criminal charges against selectman Martha Gjesteby who was found to be innocent of those charges.

In 2011 Jenkins’ board of selectmen spent close to a half million dollars on legal fees – $275,000 over budget.

Troika Chair Dan Evans said he (Evans) served on the  advisory committee with Jenkins and said he was an outstanding member and very conservative. Koed asked if Jenkins were the only person who applied. Evans said it was well-known that the position was open, but it is thought the opening was not advertised beyond town hall.

Josiah Stevenson, an engineer, was appointed to the Alternative Energy Committee. He also was the only applicant.

A second position on the advisory committee will become available in June when Tom Reardon steps down from the committee.

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