Karen Cook and Coh Select Chair Steve Gaumer lock horns…and we think Cook won

Part of being a town official is that you have to be a big enough person to take the public’s ire. Gaumer gets a D- on this exchange. If he wants to run for higher public office someday, he’s going to have to develop some social skills.

After Selectmen’s  vote on Tuesday to shoot down the Town Manager’s choice for Police Chief, Cohasset citizen Karen Cook sent an e-mail to 4 Selectman. Cook told Schubert and McCarthy that in her opinion they had made a grave mistake with their decision to vote against Senior’s applicant. Also, she told them that the one thing she was happy about in any event was that she had not voted for either of them.

Cook said she received back replies from them both “Thank you, we made the decision we thought best for Cohasset, blah,blah.” Cook did write a second e-mail to Schubert because of the fact that he put forth the motion then voted against it bothered her. She asked Schubert if it made him sick that he had done that.

Cook’s e-mail to Karen Quigley:
“The meeting is still in progress but it seems clear what the outcome will be. I thank you however for your honest statements and observations. I fear once again, that the town is continuing on the same path of dirty politics, cronyism and intimidation. It’s very sad to see that it will likely never change.

“Thank you again for your truthful insights and the courage to speak them.”

Cook received a polite thank you from Quigley.

To Selectman chair Steve Gaumer Cook wrote:  “Mr Gaumer: Once again, the
Cohasset BOS has proven that dirty politics and blatant disregard for
honesty, fairness and integrity will continue to be the hallmarks of
this town’s so-called “leaders”. I don’t know how you live with  yourself.
I am ashamed to live in this community. You should be ashamed to call
yourself a Selectman. But no doubt you will receive some benefits down
the line from your good buddy network at the CPD. Hope it’s worth it to

Cook said Gaumer came back at her with his basically threatening and very smarmy note that he was going to share her insights with his fellow board members and the local newspaper.

“That sort of pissed me off,” Cook said,  “and I figured what the hell…so I responded with:

“Gosh! Bullying and intimidation!! Good Job! Business as usual in Coho. Since you have brought me into a “public” conversation, may I just inquire as to why it was deemed appropriate and necessary to spend tax dollars on an extensive search for a police chief, when it was clear 3 years ago that there was only one candidate being clearly slated for the position? Why waste the time and money?

“I will be sure to thank you all publicly when my family and I become targets of harassment by the CPD and others.”

Cook said her final e-mail to Gaumer was sent to the Mariner and everyone else he copied. To date, she has not received any responses.


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  1. May 28, 2015 at 11:00 pm

    Karen – within 15 minutes of posting your exchange 200 people read it.
    Good job!

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