Julia Shannon of Weymouth inducted into the Order of the Engineer

Julia Shannon of Weymouth, Mass., was inducted into the Order of the Engineer on April 30 at the University of Rhode Island

KINGSTON, RI (05/05/2014)– As part of a commitment to pride and responsibility in the engineering profession, 103 University of Rhode Island engineering students, including Julia Shannon of Weymouth, Mass., were inducted into the Order of the Engineer on April 30. The students became the first group from the state’s flagship university to join the national professional organization and established the first Link (chapter) in Rhode Island.

During the Ring Ceremony, each student formally accepted the Obligation of an Engineer and received a stainless steel ring. Worn on the little finger of the working hand, the ring symbolizes a commitment to engineering and the obligation. The obligation contains ethical standards from major engineering societies and a pledge to serve humanity by making the best use of the Earth’s resources.

Engineering alumnus Daniel Lowney (’75) an executive at General Dynamics, spoke to students about ethical engineering. Lowney, along with 11 faculty from URI and one professor from the Community College of Rhode Island, also joined the order.

The Order of the Engineer began in the United States in 1970 and now has links throughout the country.

The University of Rhode Island’s pioneering research extends the University’s influence well beyond its coastal borders, while its unique interdisciplinary courses provide its 16,637 undergraduate and graduate students with global opportunities in an intimate environment. In May 2014, more than 3,200 undergraduate and about 770 graduate degrees will be awarded. The University now has more than 115,000 alumni worldwide. The University awarded its first engineering degrees in 1893 and now its College of Engineering enrolls more than 1,500 undergraduate and graduate students.

Each year, the College of Engineering invites graduating engineers to join The Order and receive a ring symbolizing their commitment to the profession. The inaugural class (pictured) was inducted on April 30, 2014. During the event, 103 students and 12 women.

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