Joe McElroy offers early nomination for Cohasset Citizen of the Year

Tom Wigmore nominated for Cohasset Citizen of the Year


Monday, I observed my last Memorial Day Observances in Cohasset. That makes thirty. All have been inspiring; each year is better and dearer than the previous. In most communities, participation has lessened as the number of living veterans has dwindled. Not so in Cohasset. Participation and attendance on Memorial Day has grown. The Healing Field has become iconic. Briefly, I was your Veterans’ Agent. Unlike most veterans’ agents, I did not need to organize observances for Memorial Day weekend and Veterans’ Day. Tom Wigmore coordinated those labor-intensive efforts.

Do not kid yourself, those observances do not just happen, they take year round planning and coordination. But wait, what about maintaining the flagging of the five Cohasset cemeteries and responding to requests for assistance from veterans and their families? Who makes sure those 2,000 veterans graves are flagged – Tom? Who quietly and discreetly handles numerous requests for assistance – Tom? I think Tom lives in Hingham, but does that really matter? Thank you Hingham, he belongs to us. Who should be the 2015 Cohasset Citizen of the Year? –Tom.

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  1. Karen Quigley
    May 30, 2014 at 9:49 am

    I am commenting as an individual and not for the Board of Selectmen. I agree with Joe and thank him for stating what a lot of us think. But action speaks louder than words and here’s something we can do immediately to show Tom and Dee our appreciation. Take even 10 or 15 minutes from your very busy Saturday morning to help take down approximately 500 flags. Think how quickly this can be done with many hands.

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