Joe McElroy discusses Cohasset news coverage


by Joe McElroy, Cohasset, Ma

Shortly after our arrival, thirty years ago, heated local political divisions became apparent. So divisive that it was the catalyst for Tanna Kasperowicz to found the Tiny Town Gazette.

Since than, the Cohasset Mariner (Mary Ford, Editor) and the TTG (Tanna Kasperowicz, Editor) have represented diametrically opposite points of view on nearly every subject imaginable.

Recently, the TTG morphed into the Blog TTUnleashed (the name has changed, but its political perspective remains consistent – conservative).

Mary and the Mariner have become much more of an advocacy publication. The Mariner expresses itself in a more politically correct manner. The TTG has improved in its “political correctness.” Tanna has mellowed although she is not “a mild brand of cheddar.” She does surface many facts that otherwise would never see the light of day.

Normally, I welcome reading the Mariner and TTG differing viewpoints. Freedom of speech is one thing, but the media should not be a “bully pulpit” for self-serving, mean-spirited vitriolic salvo exchanges. Both media outlets can do much more to promote civility and good governance. For example, Mary could “tone down” her cartoonist.

Mary and Tanna: do not let extremist bullies use you as the forum to vent their venom and move forward their selfish objectives. Sheath their sabers while respecting free speech.

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