I’ve had enough Cohasset Kumbayah, thank you

Cohasset Kumbayah

I’m responding to Selectman Vice Chair Diane Kennedy and others who want the Cohasset Board of Selectmen to vote unanimously on all things. I and others have had enough horror years of all for one and one for all.

The board at present time is what we* who expanded the board of selectmen in 1982 from a 3 to a 5-member board should be – at odds with itself. Lots of healthy discussion. *(Petitioners were Tony Fasciano, a local contractor, Cohasset police sergeant Richard Barrow- both deceased- and me.)

Boards that agree don’t discuss anything, and the three-member board of old was practically silent.

It was amazing to many of us that  the Cohasset Board of Selectmen of 2011 was a disaster. Five people came together and they all agreed to fire three members of the conservation commission, replacing them with three unqualified people who were placed in full voting seats and had no idea of what the conservation commission was about.

Next, they fired a perfectly fine town manager, Mike Coughlin, but not before they put him through Sharia-like torture. – throwing him in a pit and attacking him with little knives so he would die slowly.  They thought he would quit. He was amazing  – he saw them through them and he saw it through. And he’s suing them up the yin yang and it will be a bill I will be happy to pay.

They broke the law, the town’s constitution, when they hired Mike Milanoski as their new town manager. He was on two appointed committees and he didn’t have the legal qualifications to be a town manager.

Milanoski became the illegal town manager and set up Mark DeLuca on insincere charges, with the aid of DeLuca’s second hand man, now Acting Police Chief Bill Quigley.  Milanoski was never vetted for his public job and now we discover that Quigley is the only candidate Milanoski interviewed for the job. Do we receive federal money and state money?  Should Milanoski not have at least made the pretense interviewing several people for the job?

More importantly, a few months ago his bosses after the 2013 election told him to hold his horses. They  said they wanted the permanent town manager to make the police chief appointment and called off the search.

Milanoski went ahead and did it anyway. If our sources are correct, he not only did it in selectmen’s faces he bargained away their vote for police chief.  The police union told Milanoski they would erase Firefighter I from their contract (a Milanoski blunder) if he would appointment Quigley as chief.

And so…

There is some hope that the newly configured board will be able to set this ship on a better course someday soon. We hope so.

At the selectmen’s last meeting capital budget chair Jack Keniley shouted out a nasty comment about a vote Selectman Karen Quigley took and Select Chair Fred Koed shut him up. We hope this continues. Keniley was front and center at every selectmen’s meeting during the Coughlin attacks. “You weren’t our first choice!” he shouted to Coughlin – at what may have been Coughlin’s second meeting.

Keniley is still on the attack. Selectman Karen Quigley was elected in spite of all the nasty e-mails, the fake signs. He and his posse are still trying to “get” her. Get anyone. Last year they went after Selectman Martha Gjesteby on fake criminal charges that required her to hire an attorney. The charges were bogus, just as DeLuca’s and Coughlin’s charges were bogus.

What kind of man writes an op-ed about the chairman of the committee, accusing him of not being not being fair and transparent? Selectman Koed has opened the agenda to all of the selectmen – a first! He ran Gaumer’s request to change the meeting date by his committee. The majority voted to hold it on the day they had agreed to a month earlier. Is Gaumer bigger than a vote of his committee? He thinks so.

Keniley wonders why the Amended Town Manager’s Act is languishing in committee…and wants to call in our state representatives to discuss why the State House joint Committee on Municipalities & Regional Government is not moving faster in order that Milanoski can be a legal candidate for Town Manager.

Let me tell you why it’s languishing.

This committee is writing law. They have had more than enough anti-testimony, including Common Cause, to hold the bill and take a closer look. I trust this committee to make a wise decision. If Keniley doesn’t like it – he can form a charter commission via a town meeting article.

Here’s just some background of the joint committee:

 Sarah K. Peake, House Chair and chair of the committee reviewing the act has quite an impressive resume.  She graduated from Colgate University with an A.M. Has a J.D. from Pace University School of Law She served on the board of selectmen Provincetown Board of Selectmen for 5 years, and was a member of that town’s Charter Enforcement Commission for 8 years. She’s been in the Mass House of Representatives 7 years.

 Senate Chair Linda Dorcena Forry grew up in Dorchester’s Uphams Corner neighborhood, where her parents settled after emigrating to the United States from Haiti in the mid 1960s. Upon her election to the Massachusetts House of Representatives in 2005, Forry became the second Haitian American to hold public office in Massachusetts.

Senator Forry has dedicated her professional life to a career in public service, working in various capacities in state and city government for over 15 years. Forry has also served on a number of local boards and organizations, including the Ward 13 and Ward 17 Democratic committees.

Forry represented the Commonwealth’s 12th Suffolk district since 2005, a diverse and vibrant cross-section that includes parts of the town of Milton and the city of Boston, including Dorchester, Hyde Park and Mattapan. She was recently elected Senator for the Commonwealth’s 1st Suffolk district that includes Dorchester, Mattapan, South Boston and Hyde Park.

Senator William N. Brownsberger graduated from Harvard Law School and Harvard College.  He was Massachusetts’ assistant attorney general 1992-1998.  And he was a member of the Belmont Board of Selectmen for 9 years.

 Senator Barry R. Finegold: Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government, Massachusetts School of Law, Franklin and Marshall College. He’s been in the senate for 3 years, he was in the House for 14 years. And he is a former member of the Andover Board of Selectmen.

 Rep. Thomas M. Stanley graduated from Bentley College and Suffolk University School of Management, M.P.A. He’s been in the House for 16 years.

I think these guys can handle little old Cohasset and it’s little old governance committee’s Amended Town Manager Act.

 Mariner Editorial in which it was stated:

 “Down the road are Home Rule Petitions duly approved by Town Meeting, going to be sidetracked because of some persistent, outspoken and relentless opposition?” 

Is this editorial for real?

Where was the Mariner when the Selectmen broke the law and gave Milanoski a Town Manager’s contract? Does the Cohasset Mariner Editor only become involved in an issue when Quigley is up for police chief? It seems so.

Also, the Mariner wants selectmen to wait until it has full boards present to vote on committee appointments. In 1982 we changed the board of selectmen from 3 to 5 in order that selectmen could conduct business with a three-man majority if other selectmen were involved in personal business and could not attend the meeting.

In today’s world, selectmen can participate through Skype, if interested, on an important vote.

There is absolutely no excuse for rescheduling any meeting because one selectman can not be there. 



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