I’ve been thinking about dual citizenship – as a backup

TannabkI got to thinking about this when I read that the Chinese are buying up property in California in case they need to make a quick get-away, from China.

Then after the recent election I Googled U.S. citizens immigrating to other countries and discovered that half of America (Republicans) were thinking about pulling up roots, including the people in my husband’s office building, my computer tech and his clients, and a neighbor.

My neighbor thinks Ontario might be a good place to set up housekeeping. She thinks they are ‘rounding the socialist bend… but was researching how to get herself and her money out of the United States and was discovering that it could be expensive. I told her she should liquidate, turn everything into silver and gold, get a large money belt, and run across the Canadian border in a snowstorm.

Legally, Hedy would have to enter Canada as a skilled worker, family class sponsorship, live-in caregiver, student visa work permit, business immigration. It doesn’t look like she could get in.

She’s certainly skilled enough, she just doesn’t want to work full time.

Should I become a citizen of New Zealand, Australia? A friend cautions that there are lots of earthquakes there. Then I read an article on-line about the 10 reasons not to immigrate to Australia – here are some of them: 1. Sun causes high level of skin cancers, 2. Bad roads  3. Universities are free but they are not safe and you could be raped at night. 4.  Cockroaches, snakes, rats and spiders and deadly wildlife.

Someone told my husband there is a whole town in Poland in which everybody is a Kasperowicz. Maybe they would accept us..

Germany is another possibility. I have records of my father’s side of the family emigrating from Germany in the 1600s. More possibilities – Wales and Ireland – am reading that fights are again breaking out in Ireland. Maybe Wales is a safer bet. My mother said her grandmother had come from a town in Wales that had a really long name: Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwy-rndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch?  That’s a long name, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t that town. I think it started with A. My sister thinks we should go to Wales in the near future and see what we can dig up about relatives. She, also, is thinking we may have to make a run for it.

Another possibility. We have a Pilgrim ancestor, Joan Prayer, from England. She had 17 children and she is buried in a Quincy cemetery and the family has a rather large marker. Wonder if that would give me points towards citizenship?

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But what about President Obama?  I know he’s letting people into the country, but is he letting people out? How does that work?

I’d really like to hear from other people who have done it, or are considering dual citizenship.

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