Is it possible to eat well on SNAP? I say yes.

It's possible to eat well on SNAP's limited budget, but it's helpful to have a nutritionist tell you what not to buy - like processed orange juice. Freshly squeezed lime juice in water is less expensive Although lime juice has almost 5gms of sugar in it, it does not significantly contribute to the calories. It helps in reducing blood sugar levels, and is recommended for people with high blood sugar. (Read more at iBuzzle:

TannaHad a Facebook conversation with several people about the SNAP program. Is it truly possible to feed one human being on only $4.50 a day? (three meals, $1.50 a meal).

I maintain that it is.

In all fairness, I have been eating this way for some time, and so I am not radically changing my diet. I began eating less food because I wanted to be healthier. But I also read a lot about food and about what people really need to run their bodies (types of food and calories) before I dieted.

It should be noted that I have most of my calories between breakfast and lunch. According to Nutritionist Mark Mincolla, the body likes to take in food between 7 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. I mostly do that.  I find that I cannot eat after 6:30 even if I had nothing to eat all day.

My body seems to being saying, “Enough. I am now processing everything you ate today and I like to keep in take and out-take operations separate.”

Some of my food costs may be off because I only did a small shopping this week and do not have real prices, only estimates of things already in the refrigerator. But the are pretty good estimates.

I am starting this way of eating at 140 pounds, which is slightly under my BFI ((24.8). However, I could easily weigh 10 pounds less and feel even better. If I stay strictly on this diet, and I will to prove that it is possible to eat well on SNAP, and I may even  lose another 3-5 pounds.

As of 1:35 p.m. today I am very full and I have eaten $2.06 of the $4.50 I am allowed. Another $1.94 left.

 March 17, 2014 weighed in at 140 pounds.

As of 1:35 p.m. I have consumed

 1 banana                      .32

6 walnut pieces     .15  (estimate – there are lots of walnuts in the $8.95 bag)

1 slice gluten free bread             .25

Half can tuna        .80

½ lime                  .38

¼ lemon               .16

2 cups Coffee         .50 (estimate)             

Adds up to            $2.06

The only meal I sat down to eat was the tuna fish on gluten-free toast. Everything else was on the run.

I had lime juice in a glass of water so I don’t get scurvy. There was a piece of lemon left over from last night so I scoffed that up. It’s important to eat fruit separately from a main meal. Your body handles fruit a little different. Also, my dentist (Hingham dentistry) told me not to brush my teeth for at least one hour after eating fruit. The mouth treats the acid in fruit differently, and if you clean too soon you will brush away all the enzymes needed to work on the acids in your mouth.

We no longer buy orange juice. It’s too expensive and it’s unclear what nutritional value is left after processing.

In any case, I am told the nutritional value of juice disappears within 15 minute of its leaving the fruit case (for lack of a better word).

I had six walnuts around noon – walnuts are very filling and are excellent protein.

Would love to know what you are doing to stay healthy.

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