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From LIFE SITE, published by Jonathon Van Maren

“Hillary Clinton isn’t a lazy liberal, she’s a committed and passionate one. Planned Parenthood is possibly the only thing the Clintons have ever been faithful to. She wants to repeal the Hyde Amendment and thus force the taxpayers to fund each and every one of the more than one million abortions that happen each year. She says that those who oppose abortion and gay marriage must “change” their religious beliefs to get with the times. She is fully, 100% on board with the gay and transgender agenda. She poses a real and imminent threat to Christians who want to live their lives, run their own businesses, go to their own churches, and pass their values on to their children. But the punditry, who generally treat religious liberty as a non-issue or even, increasingly, a fictitious concept, do not realize that Hillary, to many Americans, is quite literally a destroyer of worlds.

“That’s why many Christians are voting for Donald Trump. Not because of what he will do, but because of what he won’t do.”


Obama’s Plan For The IRS After He Leaves Office Might Be His Most Twisted One Yet

The Internal Revenue Service is feared by millions of Americans who face inquiries and audits every year. If the targeting scandal is any guide, the IRS uses the far-reaching power of government to punish organizations and individuals for their political beliefs.

So, what better enforcement bureaucracy to train the unfettered monster of Obamacare on an unwilling — and largely unprotected — American public?

A report from the Washington Times says that the Obama administration plans to use the president’s final months in power to get the IRS to make sure the knife of Obamacare is plunged even deeper into the heart of the country’s health care system.

According to the Times, Obama wants the powerful tax collection agency to assume even more power — helping to convert those taxpayers currently paying the “individual mandate” penalty into full-fledged Obamacare enrollees. This is happening even as Obama’s so-called “signature legislative achievement” is collapsing under the unbearable weight of its own fatal flaws as well as the criticism of politicians who once supported the law.

For those of you who have forgotten the vagaries of Obamacare (or, if you want to refer to it by its official [misleading] name, the Affordable Care Act), the plan more or less forces Americans to pay a tax to the IRS if they don’t want to enroll in coverage. In this way, the younger and healthier Americans whose coverage would subsidize older enrollees would balance out the costs and make the plan feasible…supposedly.

There’s only one problem: younger Americans have refused to sign up for it, electing to pay the individual mandate tax, even as it went from $95 in tax year 2014 to $695 in tax year 2015.


 Released Wednesday, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s latest attack ad against Democrat opponent Hillary Clinton articulated the exact reasons why voting for her instead of him would be disastrous for America’s future.

“The Clintons — from dead broke to worth hundreds of millions,” the video’s narrator began. “So how did Hillary end up filthy rich?”

“Pay-to-play politics,” the narrator continued, after which she highlighted example after example of the former secretary of state prioritizing her own power and money over the concerns of the American people.

According to reports, Clinton also used her foundation to provide “watered-down” drugs to treat HIV/AIDS patients in Africa. The maker of those drugs, Ranbaxy Laboratories, was later sued by the U.S. government.

But in Clinton’s own words, “What difference does it make?” By providing patients with drugs, she made her organization look good no matter what, thus gaining it the positive PR it needed to secure even more shady donations.


 Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban says Europe should focus on helping Christians before helping millions of Muslim trying to enter the continent. Most Muslim ‘refugees’ are fleeing chaos created by the violent teachings of their own religion. Conversely, Muslim refugees—as opposed to the many ISIS and other jihadi sympathizers posing as “refugees”—are not fleeing religious persecution (most Muslim migrants are, like ISIS, Sunnis), but chaos created by the violent and supremacist teachings of their own religion. Hence why when large numbers of Muslims enter Western nations—in Germany, Sweden, France, the UK—tension, crimes, rapes, and terrorism soar.


 According to a new Rasmussen poll, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is gaining some momentum among voters. The results, gathered after Sunday night’s debate, show Trump has now taken a slight lead over his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

Among likely U.S. voters, Trump now leads Clinton by 43 percent to 41 percent. This is a shift from Wednesday, when Clinton had a four-point lead over Trump, 43 percent to 39 percent. On Monday, she had an even greater lead of seven points.

In a survey released on Wednesday, Rasmussen Reports found that more than half of Republican voters do not want GOP leadership to continue to attack Trump.

Rasmussen Report’s newest survey did suggest that the majority of committed voters were not going to change their mind between now and election day, but of those who were still unsure, Clinton voters had a higher chance of being swayed.

Among the 84 percent that are certain how they will vote in this year’s presidential election, Trump holds a lead at 49 percent compared to Clinton’s 46 percent. The voters who are still open to switching to a different candidate, 40 percent of them reside in the Clinton camp, and 37 percent are currently with Trump.


In the past two presidential election seasons the Republican National Committee dropped tens of millions of dollars on advertisements to promote their candidate. But for Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign the party has spent a grand total of $0 on TV ads.

That’s according to a report published by POLITICO Thursday which details Trump aides’ frustration with the lack of support from the GOP establishment, “many of whom believe that the RNC was never fully supportive of their candidate and that it’s now turning its back completely on the anti-establishment nominee as his poll numbers crater.”

The report explains:

In 2004, the committee spent $18.2 million on independent expenditures — or IEs, in campaign parlance — boosting George W. Bush’s reelection bid. In 2008, the RNC’s IE spending surged to $53.5 million in support of John McCain’s campaign against Barack Obama. And in 2012, the RNC spent $42.4 million on IEs boosting Mitt Romney or opposing President Obama — with nearly 80 percent of the spending occurring before mid-October.

By contrast, this cycle the RNC has spent only $321,000 on independent expenditures attacking Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. And all of that spending occurred last fall — before Trump had emerged as the leader for the GOP presidential nomination.

The RNC denies that it’s intentionally withholding support from Trump. Rather, it says RNC leaders determined that TV advertisements weren’t worth the expense following electoral disappointments in the two previous elections.

But Trump supporters say the party owes its nominee some help as the Clinton campaign blasts the airwaves.

“The Democrats have an unprecedented and lopsided advertising advantage in this race like we have never seen before, and it is having a serious and negative effect,” Curt Anderson, a former RNC political director, told Politico.

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