In the matter of Cohasset Selectmen v. Police Chief DeLuca

It was all going so well at last night’s kangaroo court; Chairman Carlson thought he had this chapter signed, sealed and delivered… when did the investigation start? If it was after TM Milanoski interfered, then he technically couldn’t have interfered; case closed. Jenkins made the motion on cue; the vote was four to one, looked like a done deal.

Thank God for new Selectman Gjesteby; she not only dissented, she pointed out that materials the investigating team said were given the all selectman had, in fact, not been given to her and then correctly pointed out that the motion had not been seconded!  A seemingly minor problem caused by that pesky ‘rule of law’ thing.

Then the process really started to come off its wheels. Selectman Kennedy said that she would support Milanoski and vote against DeLuca no matter what but she felt he had the right to participate in this investigation against him and she wouldn’t feel good about herself unless he was given this opportunity even though it would be meaningless.

Selectman Koed seemed to perk up for the first time when former Chief Hussey laid it out in plain English that this investigation was fatally flawed in many, many respects. Chair Carlson uncharacteristically allowed Hussey to speak even though he had shut up and shutoff others who did not have first hand knowledge of events under investigation.

Carlson then recovered to pronounce that Hussey’s description of the flawed process merely proved further that Milanoski could not have interfered in an ongoing investigation because what the Selectman had commissioned was an investigation of a non-investigation by any description … unless one were to conclude that Milanoski’s initial call to Chief DeLuca started the entire investigatory process … but his board has never been troubled by due process let alone logic.

By the time the damage had been done, Jenkins’s proposal couldn’t even get a second, which was just what it was worth in the first place

As a further note to what should have been a carefully orchestrated one act melodrama, Selectman Kennedy bemoaned the distraction of the entire affair calling it inconsequential and an impediment which was keeping the board from really important business.

She missed the point entirely; this board has no more important business than the proper treatment of Chief DeLuca after a long string of mishandled matters which will be forever the legacy of this group of hapless governing wanna bes.

The cost of their on the job training, and that of their unqualified, unvetted appointees is staggering in real dollars and incalculable in the present and future chaos they have bought to our peaceful community.

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  1. J.Case
    June 20, 2012 at 4:10 pm

    Tom I’m not sure who you are. We’re you at the meeting last night? Is everything you say her the truth?

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