I am lonely without Downton Abbey, but now I have the Cohasset Police Chief Search….again

Complete strangers call me and say stuff like:

“What in the Hell is going on with the Cohasset Police Chief Search?”

Downton Abbey ended, American Idol is soon to end. What is left to entertain me but THE SEARCH FOR A COHASSET POLICE CHIEF, continuing on from 2012. Don’t you think if any board had wanted Quigley they would have already hired him? If he had three or five votes in 2012 why didn’t he get the job?

In any case,  new wild stuff has happened.

The Weymouth PD Captain Town Manager Chris Senior offered the job to showed up at Cohasset Annual Town Meeting. What a nerve. Guess he wanted to take a look at us. He certainly didn’t see much. We’re very well-behaved sheeple.

We have been told that Mariner Columnist John McSheffrey reported the incident of the alien Weymouth Police Captain nominee to Selectmen asking if the alien had been invited there, and claiming that this individual had all kinds of conversations  about the police budget with people he didn’t know, we presume, all of which McSheffrey overheard. McSheffrey said Cohasset PD officers were taken aback by the nominee’s presence and his forwardness.

Let’s make it simple.The Lost Boys of the Cohasset PD could use a real chief, not one that runs multiple Facebook pages, and runs to Daddy Dormitzer and Momma Mary when things are going wrong.

Vote Pescatore. Keep Senior.




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