I am embarassed by Cohasset Selectmen

We have a BoS that doesn’t understand its role, has little if any regard for process and procedure, seeks to legitimize its illegal actions by revising our governing law after-the-fact, and now needs ‘do-overs’ because it can’t do one simple task: correctly post a meeting. 

I’d like to believe it was a simple oversight but given the cumulative actions of the selectmen I believe it was intentional. What the real agenda for that 5pm on Friday meeting is we’ll never know. If there was no other agenda, then isn’t it a shame that, based on the BoS’s SOP and MO, citizens are so quick to suspect their motivations. If the only agenda was to issue a press release supporting the Town Manager, then I have to wonder why. Why the emergency? Why not do it at a regularly scheduled meeting? Curiouser and curiouser.
I’m glad Mike Coughlin is suing the Town and I hope he’s suing the selectmen and their straw dogs individually. The way he was treated was unconscionable and not worthy of the citizens of Cohasset. It was up to the BoS to support the man they hired and ensure he was doing a good job for us. They didn’t. Instead they allowed others to abuse and undermine him publicly. There was a simple solution that would not have so negatively impacted our community. Don’t renew his contract. Buy him out early. Instead, these people continue to practice politics of personal destruction.
I hope that Mark DeLuca has the fortitude to demand a public hearing. The odds are he’ll be terminated. It’s been predetermined. But, in my mind, having the charges exposed publicly for what they are is better than taking a settlement with a gag order where very serious charges hang over you and everyone believes you’re guilty because you didn’t fight. It would take an extraordinary person to do this. To risk all for integrity.
In the past year, the BoS has done little to build confidence in our town government leadership. It has instead created dissension and division that is demoralizing to the community and town employees – and has done so shamelessly.
I know you’re busy. I know you have personal, family and work obligations. Please try to attend the Governance Committee’s public forum on Monday, October 29 at 7pm at the high school meeting room. Please attend the December 10 Special Town Meeting. Like Smokey the Bear says, only you can make a difference.
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