Hot Cohasset Selectmen’s meeting tonight – Sept. 3

Just a couple of points before tonight’s HOT Cohasset’s selectmen’s meeting at which Cohasset’s acting town manager Mike Milanoski is scheduled to appoint acting police chief Bill Quigley as permanent chief and the selectmen will have 15 days in which to reject the appointment.

Jack Keniley, chairman of the capital budget committee, member of the governance committee and budget planning committee sits in the font row of most selectmen’s meeting yet seems to miss a lot of news.

In a recent op/ed piece in the Cohasset Mariner Keniley said: “It seems like Chairman Koed’s personal feelings towards Mr. Milanoski have colored his actions on the appointment of Bill Quigley to the chief position.  Under any objective measure, Quigley is qualified to be Chief of Police. Why has Chairman Koed disrupted the Chief search twice?  Neither Chairman Koed nor the Selectmen have ever explained their reasoning behind stopping the searches.”

1. If Koed has any personal feelings towards Milanoski it would be interesting to know what they are, and how Keniley knows about them (?)

2. Selectmen stated repeatedly that they wish to have the permanent manager appoint the police chief. Quigley said it when she was elected. Koed and Gjesteby have stated the same many times. Initially, Gjesteby voted for Quigley and then rescinded her vote when she realized how close the board was to obtaining a new town manager.

3. According to town officials, an ad for the permanent town manager will soon be on the Collins website. It’s our understanding that closing date for town manager applications will be on our around Oct. 1. Sometime in October a Collins committee will start looking at candidates.

Keniley posed this question in his commentary: “Why are we interjecting partisan, town hall politics into the police department?” After three years of instability and political maneuvering throughout the Town, it would be refreshing to see the Selectmen demonstrate that they can rise above their political disputes and do right by Deputy Chief Quigley who has served us faithfully and with great distinction.”

The board of selectmen 2012-13 had the votes to anoint Acting Chief Quigley; after-all, they had already anointed the acting town manager. Why did that group of selectpeople not encourage Milanoski to appoint Quigley? I’ll tell you why they didn’t.  It was getting too close to elections and they didn’t want a Quigley appointment to become political fodder. Even they realized their anointing days had come to an end. They had to return to public process. And that is what the 2013-2014 BOS is attempting to do.

In a letter to Selectmen, citizen Mary Snow, who provided this letter to Unleashed, may have said it best:

Dear BOS,

I am taking the time to remind you of your directive to the Acting Town Manager to cease and desist from pursuing a Police Chief search until a permanent town manger is hired .

 He has chosen to ignore that directive and continues to push his agenda of hiring William Quigley without conducting interviews, having any kind of public process or allowing any conversations regarding the credentials any Police Chief should have: most importantly, a degree in law enforcement. There are many of us who know the real reasons the Acting Town Manager is pursuing this so hard but that is secondary to the precedent the board will be setting for all other town employees.

 What the Acting Town Manager has done is defy a directive by his employers and I shouldn’t have to point this out but any other employee would be dismissed for insubordination. If you allow him to continue to break the rules that all other employees have to follow, it says to every other employee that it’s ok to do exactly the opposite of what your supervisor says to do.

Wake up and realize that the Acting Town Manager is a Temporary Employee period. He will never be the Town Manager that Cohasset needs or deserves. Don’t allow Cohasset to be any more damaged than it’s been.


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