Headlight Surcharge overturned by State Senate

Hedlund-sponsored amendment to end surcharge passes unanimously

BOSTON, MA – An amendment to eliminate the penalty surcharge on driving without the use of headlights in inclement weather was unanimously passed by the State Senate today. Senator Robert Hedlund (R-Weymouth) sponsored the amendment during the Senate budget debate.

Senator Hedlund, the ranking member on the state legislature’s Transportation Committee, stated the surcharge was too punitive, while agreeing the underlying law was necessary. Hedlund also pushed for an amendment that would have eliminated the six-year insurance surcharge for first-time expired vehicle inspection violations, but was unable to secure its passage despite a close vote.

“I am pleased that the Senate agreed with my opinion that the headlight violation surcharge was overboard,” said Senator Hedlund, “I hoped they would also share my view on the expired inspection surcharge, but overall I was pleased to see a partial victory for motorists in the Commonwealth.”

The measure, which similarly passed the House of Representatives, will be included in the State budget and will next go before Governor Charlie Baker. It is expected to be signed into law by the Governor

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