Governance Committee members go all out for Acting Police Chief Bill Quigley

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe group of Cohasset Governance committee members and others lobbying for Selectmen to  appoint William Quigley as permanent chief  has fostered not a little ill will on the campaign trail. After several days of the group’s lobbying at football games and other places, APPOINT QUIGLEY signs started showing up Thursday morning, many of them on public property.  You might think a citizens group which is composed of many members of the Cohasset Governance committee and other town officials might know it isn’t legal to place signs on public property. But so what? The building commissioner isn’t going out of his way  to take the signs down.

Last night Cohasset School Supt. Barbara Cataldo reportedly apologized to the school committee and the community for having permitted the APPOINT QUIGLEY petitioners’ group, largely composed of current and former town officials, to gather signatures at a recent football game where some fans told her they had felt harassed by the group.  (We were not at the meeting and others gave the report of Cataldo’s statement to us. Supt. Cataldo did not return our call Thursday. Nor were we at the football game.)

Football fans reported that APPOINT QUIGLEY canvassers were not well behaved. The Committee for Good Governance in Cohasset also lobbied citizens to sign the petition at the sanitary landfill where they were asked to leave by staff, having not gotten permission to get signatures inside the fence.  Petitioners can always stand outside the fence at the dump. They also showed up at a recent  meeting of seniors, where some seniors reported canvassers were obnoxious.


Thursday, Sept. 12, APPOINT QUIGLEY signs started showing up in Cohasset, many of them on public property. At the bottom of the sign: Paid for by the Committee for Good Governance in Cohasset.


The following individuals, many of whom are involved in interlocking directorships, signed a recent press release issued by this group: former Selectmen Paul Carlson and Ralph Dormitzer. Dormitzer is also a member of the Cohasset Governance committee. Peter DeCaprio is an elected water commissioner and an appointed member of the capital budget committee. Jack Keniley, the man who we are told had the signs printed, is a member of these appointed committees: chairman of capital budget, member of governance and budget planning committee. George Chamillard, advisory committee and former illegal member of the governance committee; and citizens Thomas Killilea and Bill Burnett. The governance committee’s new co-chair, Kevin McCarthy, has been emailing the petition to residences. These people are virtually a quorum of the governance committee that was established to study government, not take it over.

Still other citizens have reported getting calls from conservation committee chair Jack Creighton (a member-elect to the governance committee) to sign the APPOINT QUIGLEY petition. We learned today that governance member Trish Morse wrote a letter to selectmen asking the board to put its personal agenda aside and appoint Quigley.

quigleybIs it time the governance committee formed a PAC?  It’s very name sounds like entire Governance committee is behind this effort, and maybe it is: Paid for by the Committee for Good Governance in Cohasset. 

When we spoke to Cohasset Building Commissioner Bob Egan about removing the signs from public property, he said he would clip his business card to the signs on public property and then put the sign on the private property in front of which it was placed. But added he was in no rush to do this and would take care of it as he happened upon the signs during his normal business activities. Initially, Egan said he would just move the signs back, upright, to the private property. After we pointed out that if the property owner had not approved the sign placement, then Egan might be accused of placing APPOINT QUIGLEY signs on private property, to which the property owner had not agreed. Egan laughed and agreed he would lay the signs down flat.

When he gets aroundtoit.



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  2 comments for “Governance Committee members go all out for Acting Police Chief Bill Quigley

  1. Mike Coughlin
    September 13, 2013 at 4:55 pm

    Every profession has a code of ethics to outline standards of conduct. For example, my profession- municipal management prohibits involvement by a Town Manager in an election of his governing board. Not surprising… the Acting Town Manager has already broken that one.

    Equally not surprising is the apparent conduct of the Acting Chief of Police Bill Quigley in not disavowing the activities of the “Committee on Good Governance.



    Officers shall be guides by state law regarding participation and involvement in political activities. Examples of prohibited activities during working hours, while in uniform or otherwise serving as a representative of this agency. ( Coughlin Comment: Since a Chief of Police or Acting Chief of Police is on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year– he should not be involved in any activity or allow his name or office to be used as such )

    a) Engage in political activity ( Coughlin Comment: An organized campaign to influence an official vote by the Board of Selectmen is political activity and Acting Chief Quigley should issue an immediate disclaimer and urge the “Committee on Good Governance to cease efforts to influence a vote of his behalf

    b) Place or affix any campaign literature on any city/county property ( Coughlin Comment: It is obvious campaign literature bearing the name of Acting Chief Quigley has been affixed to town property and that of private citizens. Acting Chief Quigley should immediately urge the removal of such signs and literature. Moreover, campaign literature bearing Acting Chief Quigley’s name has been on town owned property– Cohasset High School and the transfer station. Acting Chief Quigley should advise the Committee on Good Governance to stop this immediately

    c) Solicit funds from this agency or any other governmental agency of this jurisdiction. ( Coughlin Comment… arguably every member of the Committee on Good Governance is a Cohasset Government Official with the exception of Bill Burnett and Tom Killea. Acting Chief Quigley should immediately advise the committee to stop fund raising and expenditures used to underwrite this campaign on his behalf

    d) Solicit Contributions, signatures or other forms of support for candidates, parties or ballot questions ( Coughlin Comment: Clearly a petition campaign designed to show support of his candidacy for Chief of Police is prohibited. An official vote of the Board of Selectmen fails under this category. ACTING CHIEF QUIGLEY, UNDER THE STANDARDS OF THE INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF CHIEFS OF POLICE SHOULD DISAVOW THE COMMITTEE ON GOOD GOVERNANCE ACTIONS AND END EFFORTS TO INFLUENCE AN OFFICIAL VOTE OF THE BOARD OF SELECTMEN

  2. Mike Coughlin
    September 13, 2013 at 12:37 pm

    Campaign signs, ads in the newspaper, radio broadcasts, campaigning at the landfill and at football games– sounds like politics to me.

    So its the height of hypocrisy for the so called Committee for Good Governance to say that Bill Quigley is the victim of politics. Seems to me he is at the center of this– in so much he is allowing his name to pup on lawns around town.

    Simply put, the top criteria for any police chief of any small town is to stay out of local politics not be part of it. If he was ready, Bill Quigley would be urging the committee to stop this effort. He would be embarrassed by it. He would say that a real chief should be above political bickering— no matter what side Perhaps Bill forgets, a chief is appointed in Cohasset, the town does not elect a sheriff.

    This effort is made even more outrageous given that Chief Mark Deluca is still recovering from his injuries. I guess Ted Carr has time to put a sign up at his house but is to busy to send Chief Deluca a get well card. Guess this summarizes the humanity, decency and honor of those who purport to be behind this political effort

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