From our Archives…”mothers and others doing business in the area who are allegedly being ticketed unmercifully by Cohasset Police since last October”

I’m re-running this to refresh the memory of now former PD officer Pat Kenney who called me this morning to tell me his memory of nursery school parents being ticketed. Tinytown Unleashed had referred to the same in a recent blog. He said the Cohasset PD had been called by the nursery school director to slow down traffic in front of the nursery school. Maybe there was a time that happened. But on Feb. 6, 2014 the First Parish Nursery School (see below) went before selectmen to complain of being ticketed unmercifully by the Cohasset PD for over a five month period. And Officer Kenny wrote most of those tickets. 

From our files (Feb 6, 2014): Selectmen placed a moratorium on parking tickets surrounding Cohasset Common until Cohasset Police can complete a parking study on the same. Unless you’re parked in a no parking zone, you can park on the Common side of North Main Street and parking will be allowed on William Long Road. After a police study is done, selectmen will explore the possibility of making traffic one way from William Long Road to the intersection of Depot Court.

Former Selectman Ronnie McMorris, chairman of the Parish committee at First Parish, showed up at the meeting to offer support to the teachers at the First Parish Nursery School, mothers and others doing business in the area who are allegedly being ticketed unmercifully by Cohasset Police since last October, although things have eased up a little, Lynn Fahie, director of the Carriage House Nursery School said.

Pat Baird, chairman of the board at the Carriage House Nursery School, said police had been ticketing parents dropping off children. There are approximately 68 students and 10 instructors at the school, and ticketing is mostly being done in front of the Carriage House. Instructors do not park in the Common area.

Selectmen commented on a bunch of what they called “odd ball” rules being enforced.  Select Chair Fred Koed said it was difficult to determine just where parking was allowed anywhere in the Common area. He noted that some people were ticketed because a tire might be in the grass, or a car too close to the road.

Selectman Karen Quigley suggested selectmen consider making part of the Common one way in order that parking on both sides of the street would not restrict traffic.

Both Quigley and Koed said they had asked Cohasset Police for some input into the problem but had no response to date.

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