“Forward Ho,” that’s Select Chair Fred Koed’s direction

Cohasset Selectman Fred Koed was elected chair of board at its reorganizational meeting tonight (May 14).  Selectman Martha Gjesteby made the motion and the board voted 5-0 to support Koed.

Selectman Diane Kennedy will remain as vice chair of the board and Selectman Martha Gjesteby was named secretary – Kennedy and Gjesteby received 5-0 votes. Secretary is a position the board hasn’t before filled, but Koed thought it was needed. The board will check to see if it’s a legal position. The secretary will keep track of the board’s executive session and regular minutes.

Acting town manager Mike Milanoski suggested the board might consider appointing a treasurer, a point person who would be responsible or reviewing all financial documents become they got to the board.

Gjesteby and newly elected Selectman Karen Quigley said the selectmen themselves needed to be more fully engaged in the budget process, and not rely on others for that information.  Both women said however, that they would be relying on newly elected Selectman Steve Gaumer, a 12-year member of the Capital Budget and most recently its chairman, to provide financial background to the board.

Quigley requested Koed to put an agenda item on the May 28th meeting agenda regarding the advertisement for a Town Manager.

Quigley also suggested that in the future financial narratives be provided to the at-home public when budgets are being discussed. “Many people are interested in following the budget but find it impossible to do so.”  Milanoski said he would work with staff and see what they could come up with.

Gaumer said he would like the May 28th meeting to focus on what the board expected to accomplish at the end of the search for a Town Manager. He asked the board to consider what it might do it it didn’t find the candidate it was looking for.

Advisory chair Peter Pescatore asked selectmen to explore in what manner it would approve the senior center project.  “We’ve transferred the land, how does the town say it actually wants to have it, or not? He noted that private groups were fundraising, but the town had no involvement in that aspect. Pescatore suggested the question be put on a fall town meeting, and that finances should be considered.

Gaumer said the selectmen needed to make sure the structure was likely to be completed. “It’s an acquisition of some substance, any acquisition of capital still requires town meeting action.”

Koed suggested that Glenn Pratt be invited to address the board on procedure.

Selectmen voted to transfer DiNero’s Italian Restaurant all alcoholic license to Ronald P. Vale of Hingham, dba Corner Shop Eatery, Inc. Vale and his family, who are actually DiNero’s neighbors, said he and his wife plan to reopen the West Corner restaurant as a modern American tavern.

At upcoming meetings selectmen will discuss the open meeting law, will hold another public records workshop, and work on computer use policy.  Almost every board in town needs new people. Persons interested in serving the town should contact the selectmen’s office.

The board’s policy on Selectmen’s email will be discussed a future meeting.

The Secretary of State’s office suggests that towns assemble a team comprised of legal counsel, the Manager of IT and electronic systems, and a record custodians. “Written policies must be established. Personnel who handle emails must be trained to ensure compliance. For retention purposes, the content of the message must be evaluated.” And while you’re dong all this, keep in mind Fourth Amendment implications.

Selectmen can contact the secretary of the commonwealth for staff training.


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  1. scottmcoyne
    May 15, 2013 at 1:53 pm

    So the BOS now want to discuss the open meeting law? What is there to discuss? Just educated yourself and abide by the law.

    And the board also wants to establish written policy on emails? The internet and email has been around since the mid 1970’s, but BOS and the town manager are now only thinking about policies. Amazing.

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