Former TM Mike Coughlin responds to free cash certification

While Cohasset’s free cash certification was great news– it was not entirely unexpected.  As you may recall,  when Peter Pescatore, Steve Gaumer and Sam Wakeman all accused me of just about everything, and I predicted we would end the year with a surplus.  We did just that.

While I give the Interim Town Manager credit for selling the property on Jerusalem Road,  everything  else was pretty much set in the FY 12.

While the contracts I gave to department heads was blown out of proportion,  the money represented by those contracts blocked by Milanoski and the Board of Selectmen was  minor compared to additional legal spending in FY 12: my removal- trying to block the contracts and the costs in FY 12 late May and the whole month of June on the Deluca investigation, just to cite a few.

Two things need to be stressed: the revenues and spending plan for FY 12, that resulted in a bulk of the free cash came as a result of the hard work  of Steve Lombard and John Stanbrook.  What I am proud about is that Gerry Perry, the Director of Accounts, demonstrated renewed confidence in the finance team in certifying the free cash.  This came about from the Herculian effort of Eric Kinserf, Sullivan and Rogers and the rest of the town hall team in getting the tax rate set last December.  My hiring of Mary and subsequent hiring of Jean- both as result of “tips” I received from our former Town Auditor Tony Roselli,  also helped.  So I do take some pride in being vindicated.

In covering this story and Mr. Milanoski’s spin, I am not asking for credit but I would like to commend the efforts of the “unsung heroes”:  Lombard, Stanbrook,  Kinserf, Sullivan, Sandy, Diane, Jen,  Mary Quill and Jane.

What is also important given close to a $1 Million in surplus funds is that some very fine people were needlessly hurt by blocking their contracts on crying wolf and the sky is falling when it clearly was not. Just a few names of the victims: Brennan,  Gruber, Oram, JoAnn P, Quill, Tradd and others suffered. Deluca also suffered given that with a $1 million in surplus funds– the whole issue of a “dark station” never needed to come up.

While free cash is great,  the way the interim Manager and Board went about is also akin to the old bait and switch. It is not honest and will effect future negotiations with employees.   For example,  in sitting down with employees/department heads,  you said in January we had no money.  You asked me to void the contract given to me by Coughlin but you just closed out the year with a hefty balance,  certainly not transparent and certainly not fair for the employees who just worked their tails off during Sandy.

Its also unfair for Mr. Milanoski to block contract raises for others and then take his at $130K–  my contract called for one year at $115K then a bump – where was his year started at $ 115K.  If fair is fair,  his pay should not go up to $130K until March 2013.

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