Farretta to restore local aid for Weymouth and Hingham

Weymouth has lost 38% of its local aid

Andrea FarrettaAndrea Farretta, candidate for State Representative, vowed to restore the local aid cuts to Weymouth and Hingham. “Restoring local aid to our community is going to be one of my top priorities as State Representative,” Farretta said.

Local Aid funds for local services which include police, fire and schools have been cut drastically. In Weymouth it represents approximately 25% of the budget. Since 2008 under the Patrick Administration, Weymouth has lost approximately $4 million per year or 38%. Hingham has lost over $800k or 38%. During that time period the Commonwealth has collected more than $500 million per year in new fees and taxes.

 “I support returning our local aid to those 2008 levels. Beacon Hill has increased revenues that have been squandered with incompetence, corruption and our community has suffered for this. As State Representative, I will right this wrong, we have the funds it is a matter of setting the right priorities,” Farretta said.

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