Due diligence review of Cohasset Senior Center passes STM unanimously

Town Manager Chris Senior will immediately take steps to investigate the ways and means for Elder Affairs to lease/occupy the new Senior Center building located at 91 Sohier Street. The Social Service League of Cohasset expects to have its occupancy permit soon. Senior’s study should be completed by the end of January 2015, Senior says.

An attempted amendment by Selectman Karen Quigley failed on a voice vote. The language Quigley offered would have stopped the Town from expending any funds until the Board of Selectmen and the Social Service League of Cohasset successfully negotiated and signed an agreement.

Select Chair Diane Kennedy said the Town Manager has the authority to lease space without selectmen involvement. Town Counsel said the Board of Selectmen already has policy oversight over the Town Manager.

STM voted to establish an Elder Affairs Revolving Fund. The source of funds would be Elder Affairs Program fees that would be used by Elder Affairs programs and trips. The annual expenditure would be $15,000, under the direction of the Director of Elder Affairs.

Article 5 asked for the allocation of $225,000 from Free Cash for one-time costs to be spend by the Town Manager for General Fund purposes: $100,000 for road repairs, $50,000 for various projects and equipment for town buildings under the facilities department, $30,00 for expenses relating to Town Street Lights (the Town would like to purchase them from National Grid but National Grid doesn’t know how many it has).

Also, $15,000 for engaging consultants to prepare an analysis of departmental and program space needs and $30,000 for expenses relating to short-term space and equipment rentals for the operation of Town programs, including but not limited to Elder Affairs programs.

A total of $50,000 was voted for small projects at Paul Pratt Library, Joseph Osgood School and Paul Pratt Library.

Proposed projects for Highways ($100,000): for traffic control box and appurtenances at Ripley Rd. & Sohier Street, replace 40 broken catch basin frames/covers, rebuild 30 basins, and purchase of regulatory and street signs to meet Federal mandates

Under Article 7 STM the meeting voted $100,000 to use towards paying the 2015 Water Department Debt Service, and another $15,000 was voted to repair a section of roof at the Water Treatment Facility.

Also voted, $1,191,400 for the Town Manager to spend for Bound Brook Dam repairs. The Town has been looking for money for this project since 2011. Chris Senior found it. Some of this project will be paid (842,000) through a two percent loan from the State over 20 years.  An additional $158,00 of grant money is available.

Amendments to the personnel bylaw (Article 12) were voted with no discussion. The Town Manager is updating it. It has not been touched for well over 20 years.

A housekeeping article (Article 13) submitted by the Planning Board, passed with no discussion.

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