Draft of Cohasset’s Town Manager Act Amendment

Cohasset Governance Committee

February 13, 2013
Dear Citizens:

In the Fall of 2011 the Board of Selectmen created the Governance Committee to review governance in the Town of Cohasset. Our charge was to “Identify any area of the Cohasset Governance Structure that may be improved to provide better governance including accountability and effective/efficient use of limited tax payer dollars”.

Since the spring of 2012 the committee has been reviewing the Town Manager Act. The Act defines the role and the powers of the Selectmen and the Town Manager in the performance of their duties. We have completed the review and have attached a draft of the Act with our proposed changes for your review. Click to Read: DraftTMAct
Current Town Manager_Act

The objectives of the review were:

  • to clearly define the responsibilities of the Town Manager relative to the Board of Selectmen and the citizens of Cohasset
  • to simplify and organize the Act so it is a clear and logical document
  • to correct errors in content or language
  • align the language of the Act with Massachusetts General Law and the town’s by-laws

The next important step in revising the Town Manager Act is to solicit feedback from the community so that your comments and suggestions can be considered in the final draft which will be presented at the Annual Town Meeting on April 22nd for a vote.

Due to the complexity of the document and the anticipated number of comments we expect to receive from the community, we are asking that all comments and suggested changes to the draft be submitted in writing to the Chairman.  You may submit your written comments to governance@townofcohasset.org or to the drop box located at Town Hall (Clerk’s Office, 1st Floor). The last day for submission of comments to be considered for inclusion in the article is 5pm Monday, March 4th.

We have scheduled two public forums on February 28th and March 7th at the High School community room at 7:00pm to review the changes to the Act and to answer any questions you may have.

The draft of the Town Manager Act published here is also posted on the town website, along with the Town Manager Act of 1997 for comparison.

We welcome all comments and look forward to seeing you at the public hearings on February 28th and March 7th.

Christine Cunning

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