Dom Galluzo says ‘Southfield’ preys on Weymouth

Tearing Down Weymouth to Build Up Southfield

Comparing budgets at an annual cost and (8760 hours per year rate) by Dominic Galluzzo, Weymouth Resident

Weymouth Budget 2012                      S.S. Tri Town 2013 Budget to DOR

Fire $8M   $1000.00  hourly                 $100,000.00   $11.40 hourly is

                                                                         insultingly ignorant of real costs

                                                                          for personnel and equipment


DPW $9M   $1027.00   “                     $149,000.00   $17.00 hourly same

                                                                      as above


Water $ 9M   $1027.00   “                   $000.00 is reflective of the SSTTDC

Still no water pressure in                    added 5% surcharge to Weymouth                                                                       

South Weymouth                                 bill before charging its residents?


Police $10M   $1142.00   “                  $100,000.00   $11.40 hourly same

                                                                      as all under funded budgets


Sewer $14M   $1598.00   “                  $300,000.00   $34.24 hourly

                                                                      seriously under budgeted


Total:  $50,000,000.00                         $649,000.00

Wey RE values decline, home              MIRAGE of a revenue stream….

insurance up $250.00 past 5 yrs.


In the past eight years Weymouth’s municipal departments have been level funded at best, reducing the service standard they once provided to Weymouth residents.  Municipal services to an additional 1400 acres without an immediate expansion of equipment and personnel paid for up front by SSTTDC is evidence of immediate, additional reduced services and increased fees and taxes for Weymouth residents in 2013.  Accepting the definition that Southfield is a development, a municipality and or a town makes as much sense as accepting the definition that a donkey is an elephant!   The SSTTDC headquarters building has been recently signed as Town Hall rather than SSTTDC Headquarters or Administration Building is just another arrogant slap in face to the host communities that prompts the question, town hall to what town?

At a recent South Shore Tri Town meeting a review of the DOR declared $1,170,000.00 Free Cash was spent via motions rather than be dispersed to the host communities as noted in the Enabling Legislation.  Most embarrassing to the Town of Weymouth was the disclosure by SSTTDC of unpaid water and sewer bills past due since June 2011 in the amount of $35,000.00.  Do Weymouth officials know the real number? This is the second overdue water and sewer payment since January 2009 that a public records request in August of 2010 uncovered past due payments in the amount of $139,000.00!

In the private sector of business when an account demonstrates an inability to pay its vendor on time it is classified as a high risk account.  The SSTTDC bill paying history and the underfunded municipal amounts have put them in that category for municipal services desired, are reasons why Weymouth officials should not be interested to give away more services that they are not obligated to provide.  It’s about time that Weymouth’s elected be held accountable for timely collections of our receivables, rather than dip their hands into the pockets of its residents to satisfy its budget.

The northeast region is in the midst of an extended unusually warm and dry weather pattern.  Reported as a moderate drought after a snowless winter and dry spring, there is nothing to recharge our drinking water supply.  Since when has the priority become keep the grass green with our drinking water rather than conserve it for human consumption?  Outdoor watering bans should be enacted now, not when our drinking water has been almost depleted.


When Weymouth residents see their DPW employees tearing down Entering Weymouth signs, replaced with Entering LNRville signs you can bet it’s too late to love and be proud of this community.  Our collective unified voices should give the political will to those in office to renew their commitment to the residents who supported their election.  Weymouth’s present direction for its future is unacceptable.


The lack of fiduciary performance and responsibility by our elected illustrates no commitment to the “NO COST” law, our elected administration and legislative branch appear to be tearing down Weymouth to build up Southfield………


Dominic Galluzzo, Weymouth Resident

© Copyright 2012 Tanna K, All rights Reserved. Written For: Tinytown Unleashed