Does Cohasset’s acting town manager even need a performance review?

God bless the Cohasset Selectmen – they are preparing to evaluate the acting town manager, although we do not know why this is necessary, as he is only an acting town manager. Here today, gone tomorrow. Perhaps the confusion lies in the fact that at his last evaluation he had an illegal Town Manager’s contract and was being treated as a Town Manager. But this is a different year and a new contract.

This was such a confusing meeting and the confusion continues with Selectman Diane Kennedy proclaiming out of the blue that the selectmen should have their own goals and objectives in order before evaluating the acting town manager.  Now why would that be?

Selectman Martha Gjesteby said she thought goals and the evauation of the acting town manager were separate entities. “We owe it to Michael to evauate his work.”

“It makes sense that the two newest members of this board have limited experience (in evaluating) and so he said the board should do a 360 degree evacuation – “Whoever interacts with Mike becomes part of this.” He noted that typically this sort of evaluation would be turned over to director of human resources, or assigned it to an independent third party, Selectman Steve Gaumer said.

Gjesteby said Gaumer’s evaluation tool was too expansive.

Selectman Karen Quigley said that selectmen should certainly speak to employees and deapatment heads but “Asking them to make a formal review of the person they work for is putting a lot of pressure on them.”

Gaumer said the 360 review would remain confidential..

Selectman Diane Kennedy said the board needed to have a global conversation before hiring a town manager. “We’re a public board, the evalution has to be in public.”

Gjesteby suggeste that Mialnoski might like to be reviewed in executive session, and it would be his call.

At this point during deliberations acting town Manager Mike Milanoski suggested that the board might not be able to evaluate him, as it had not defined objectives.

“When I was originally hired, there were six, specific objectives. Now the question is what objectives or goals do you have to evaluate me?” Mialnoski asked.

Milanoski further philosophized that his contract dictated how the review happens. He then complained that several members of the board of selectmen refused to interact with him personally. “If I don’t have any interaction with the board of selectmen, how can they know what department heads are doing?”

Quigley said the evaluation tool seemed pretty broad to her.

Milanoski pressed; “What objectives are you going to base this on?”

Quigley said the board should get an opinion from town counsel on the evaluation process.

Selectmen Steve Gaumer sided with Milansoki, saying that this board of selectmen had not given him objectives.

Select Chair Fred Koed said that some of the goals  would be on-going, i.e., communications.

Quigley noted that the contract does not say the board had to give an specific objectives.

Gaumer said in all fairness the board had to give specific objectives.”We have to disclose the rules.”

Koed said he would talk with town counsel, and see what he recommends.

Kennedy agreed with Gaumer saying without having given Milanoski goals, he could not be evaluated. “Town counsel said objectives should not be in contract, which is exactly why we have to get onboard with goals and objectives.”

Quigley said Milanoski’s performance review could be done soley on his  responsibilities to the board of selectmen.


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