Diane Kennedy elected Cohasset Select Chair at 5-11 meeting

Diane Kennedy and Steve Gaumer new Cohasset Selectmen Chiefs

At a 23-minute 5/11 meeting selectman Martha Gjesteby nominated Diane Kennedy as chair. New selectman Kevin McCarthy nominated Steve Gaumer for vice chair. The votes to elect were 4-0 in favor. Selectman Karen Quigley was not present.

Cohasset Select Chair Diane Kennedy welcomed new selectman Kevin McCarthy to the board, and thanked now former selectman Fred Koed for his service to the town. “His wisdom is going to be missed on this board. His institutional memory was invaluable,” Kennedy said.

Selectmen Steve Gaumer and Martha Gjesteby echoed Kennedy’s comments about Koed.

Koed had been involved with myriad of other boards outside of the community, at the state and county level, Gjesteby said. “As advisory chair, he held fast on the budget, calmed things down.” Koed was newly elected to the water commission in 1994 when the water stopped on Jerusalem Road. This resulted in a resulted in a multi-year old engineering project that Koed directed.

In other news, selectmen approved an All Star Cookout for the Cohasset Youth Softball Association that will take place June 6 and 7 and the North Main Street ballpark. Kennedy said it would be worthwhile for the group to make neighbors aware of the event.

Town Manager (TM) Chris Senior advised the board that there had been several small technical problems at the sewer plant but everything had been resolved. He advised the board he would be attending a finance training class on June 5th. He said Quigley had expressed interest in attending.

Senior said a new, experienced manager had been hired at the Red Lion Inn. In answer to questions from the board, he added that the owner of the Inn is the fallback manager under the law, and that it does not matter that owner Gerd Ordelheide is not a citizen.

Kennedy said she would be meeting with Senior to work on agenda preparation and discuss liaison assignments.

“The nice thing about being elected to a three-year term” is that I’ll be around to negotiate Chris’s next three-year contract. It’s pretty exciting,” Kennedy said. She added that she would like to begin every selectmen’s meeting with the pledge of allegiance to the flag, saying Cohasset might one of the few boards of selectmen who did not pledge.

Gjesteby made an attempt to get the selectmen to turn off their cellphones during the meeting. (Lately, Gaumer has been listening to baseball games and shouting out the scores.) “Normally, cellphones should be turned off, but tonight I’ll give you a pass,” Gjesteby said to Gaumer.

Gaumer said he would keep his cellphone on his desk. “I have to support a couple of households, I need to know what’s happening.”

“Town counsel said we need to share only the information (received) that involves the town,” Kennedy said.

Selectman held a moment of silence for Carmelo “Sonny” Conte, age 86, who passed away on May 9th. Sonny served in the US Army in World War II overseas in Japan. Upon his return home from service, he worked with his father doing furniture and antique repair and refinishing. He then had an opportunity to be a Police Officer in Cohasset under Chief Pelletier; this work was what he loved and continued for 44 years, until his retirement.

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