Debate between Repubs and Dems may be phony

by Rod Young
Has the reality of the fiscal impasse on the Hill become painfully obvious?

Most want to believe that a well meaning right (Republicans) are contesting a well meaning left (Democrats)? Therefore, a compromise is in the offing, lest the “full faith and credit of the United States” be compromised.
But there’s evil manifestly afoot.
If evil Republicans are combating evil Democrats – that is, generic politicians fighting among themselves over government spoils, then the debate is phony and Rome must fall.
However, we can posit that Republicans are good and Democrats bad – we can, that is, in the Tinytown – and save the Republic.
Indeed, there’s a syllogism and one or two corollaries that are compelling – to which even many honest Dems subscribe.
Libertarian John Stossel formerly of ABC and now of Fox News says,
“Free People [that is, ‘small government’] make themselves rich.”
Flipping Stossel’s coin, Senator Orrin Hatch (R- Utah) advises that a lot of Democrats are “making a good living off the federal government.” Himself a federally employed pooh-bah, Hatch was elevated by voters per the Constitution, not by friendlies in high places creating 6-figure scams out of whole bureaucratic cloth.
The logic then is simple. Big government creates tens of thousands of boondoggles for hacks – who only stylistically serve the little people.
Such patronage dies on the vine of small government.
So, logic favors Republicans, albeit disciplined by a phenomenal Tea Party. The Democrat elite showed no taste for the opposite “Coffee Party” created by rank-and-file Dems, who ultimately found nothing suitable to brew – not a one inspiring lodestone.
“Cut, cap, and balance” passed by the House of Representatives last week spells doom to Hatch’s hacks in their hundreds of thousands, and so was ‘tabled’ in the Senate, lest Obama’s blatant money agenda become apparent. A lopsided vote by Dems against the second Republican fiscal solution was political anathema.
Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) is politically astute. So far the Dems have dared not even propose a budget, which would have exposed the waste.
Reid would have had the same problem in the 1770’s had he – like the majority of Americans at the time – been a loyalist defending the “intolerable acts” foisted upon the American taxpayers by King Goerge III and his Parliament.
Compared with modern levels of taxation the ‘Tea,’ ‘Stamp,’ and ‘Declaratory’ laws of King George amounted to but a pittance, yet brought about revolution – beginning, of course, with the historic “tea party” in Boston Harbor.
The agenda in the looming debt and deficit crisis – that is, of public versus private sector employment – was recently adjudicated in the Supreme Court. In a reinstated suit by three Illinois residents the nation’s top court dealt a blow to the “spoils system” at all levels of government.
While formerly incoming federal, state, and even municipal administrations routinely replaced employees en masse with their supporters, now such political firing/hiring practices are prohibited. A hack can hold on to his employment until his or her position is defunded.
But defunding is the new rub and real agenda – separating good from evil?
Fifty years ago the government work force was half that of America’s manufacturing sector. Today, it’s an astonishing 27% larger (23 million vs. 18 million).
No doubt we’re at a tipping point, and judging from last Friday’s headlines and Sunday’s talk shows, Reid and Obama’s nemesis, House Majority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio), appears only well aware and emboldened.

© Copyright 2011 Tanna K, All rights Reserved. Written For: Tinytown Unleashed