Dale Musser’s excursion into the dessert

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choya cactus bulbs

Talk about a bad day….by Dale Musser1800430_10202503499902297_1072959817_n

Well my little excursion into the desert this weekend to hunt rocks turned out to be longer carryover event than I expected. Yesterday when I got up I discovered that my truck tire was flat, on closer examination I found it to be full of cactus thorns. We had seen numerous needled Choya cactus bulbs that had dropped off the cactus that were strewn about the dirt road we were on and though I tried not to hit any of them I apparently didn’t do a very good job as my right front tire had about a dozen or more needles imbedded in it.

They were hard enough and sharp enough to make it through the tire and to slowly let the air leak out. I decided to take my car to work and I would deal with the tire when I got home last night, I didn’t think it would be too difficult to put air into the tire and drive it to the tire place but when I tried to put air into it I discovered the tire wall had separated from the rim and air was coming out as fast as I tried to put air in. By now I was tired and it was hot here (99f) and since I have an Allstate Motor Club card I figured I would let someone else change my tire. Thirty five minutes later a nice man shows up and begins to try to change the tire only to discover that last time I bought tires someone had not aligned the lug nut properly on the lug before installing and had stripped the threads of the lug and it would NOT come off so my rim and tire could not be removed.

Another call to Allstate motor club and an hour later a tow truck shows up and hauls my truck to the tire place which had closed an hour earlier, so today I took off from work to get the tire issue resolved. I must say that Discount Tires are super. I only had the tire 3 months and it was under warranty, plus I have a tire road hazard insurance policy as well and the tire was replaced and the lug nut issue fixed quickly with no hassle and no charge. Plus I didn’t have to pay anything for the tow truck or the guy to try to change the tire (well actually I do pay premiums for the policy but still….)
I was about to return to work when I get a phone call from the hospital saying that my bills from my mini-stroke episode earlier this year that had not been paid by either my insurance company or Medicare and that I needed to resolve the issue or I would be responsible for the entire bill. That took up the rest of my morning to get resolved and I now have a repetitious series of “on-hold” musical tunes playing in my head from my time waiting for a real person to talk to at the insurance company, Medicare, and the hospital. It seems to me that we pay them so that we can do most of their work as we are the ones having to resolve the issues we pay them to take care of (sigh).

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