Curious Ted Carr wants to get people out to vote – sure he does

At the end of the Selectmen’s Tuesday morning former selectman Ted Carr showed, saying out of curiosity, he was attempting to develop some thoughts on how to improve the turnout at town elections. Did the board have any thoughts? How would they encourage people to participate?

Carr said his friend Peter Pescatore, advisory committee chair, told him that candidates drive turnouts. Carr also picked up public disclosure records for town parties from which he hoped to learn how they spend their money, how they focused their efforts. Were they effective?

Selectman Karen Quigley said the bigger question is why were so many people not interested in town government.

Selectman Martha Gjesteby said years ago the now defunct Cohasset League of Women Voters provided candidate and issue forums that added interested. Gjesteby said today even people volunteering for government boards and committees seemed to be on numerous boards. “We need more diversity. Fewer people are running town government.”

Carr said he had been remiss as chair of the town’s economic development committee of which he is chair. He said he needed new members, and planned to get it back on track. He said he had let it go at the beginning of the summer. Not true. He dropped it a year ago. Even the town clerk has removed economic development from her list of appointed committees. It doesn’t exist on the town website.

And then Carr got to the point – to what he really came for. He asked Selectmen Steve Gaumer and Quigley if everyone’s campaign finance disclosure list was complete? Is there anything you haven’t listed?  Something you forgot? Quigley said she was all set. Gaumer said he had not filed a final report.

Gjesteby asked Carr if he were planning to run again.

Oh no, ho ho, Carr responded.

No, we think Carr has something else in mind.

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