Counterpoint to Bill Keating’s Patriot Ledger Gun Control Hogwash

By Bob Montgomery Thomas

I take exception to the December 22 Patriot Ledger commentary by US Rep. William Keating suggesting it’s time to ban so-called assault weapons. He, like others of his ilk, is attempting to use the tragedy of Newtown, CT to further the agenda of disarming Americans so that government could be absolute – that it could make all decisions for all people and that all the people would obey without question.

That’s not how a republic works. In a republic, government obeys the people.

There’s a misconception as to the intent of the Second Amendment, which allows the people to keep and bear arms. Why? It‘s clear that the Framers intended for Americans to own weapons in order to counter any attempt at subjugating the people by government or by the military or by a military take-over. It’s self defense of the first order. The second order of defense is to protect ourselves against others who would do us harm: criminals to be exact.

The media is being fed lies by government types, one of whom is Rep. Keating, which in turn are being fed to a gullible public to convince it that so-called semi-automatic weapons pose too great a danger to society. Only criminals pose danger – and government. Unlike a machine gun or the current-version SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon), these so-called semi-automatics require the trigger to be pulled time and again to fire each and every bullet individually.

The tragedy in Newtown was caused by an irresponsible gun owner. Her son had easy access to her basement-stored guns near his basement grotto. When she went on an unannounced three-day trip to New Hampshire, she left the guns and a son with long-term psycho-social issues unattended. It’s because of those reasons alone, her inattention to her responsibilities as a gun owner – and as a parent – that are the reasons for the outrageous episode.

Enacting some sort of unworkable gun ban is not going to return those beautiful children and heroic school personnel to their grieving families. If we used Congressman Keating’s brand of 20/20 hindsight, the mishandling of the shooting death of Seth Bishop in 1986 in Braintree, when his predecessor and friend, Bill Delahunt, was the Norfolk County District Attorney, could be said to have caused the death of three other victims of Amy Bishop in Huntsville, Alabama in 2010. Where was Bill Keating’s public outrage then – when his good friend Delahunt was at fault?

Perhaps it’s time for Bill Keating and his ilk to blame the killer and his enabler and leave everyone else alone.


© Copyright 2012 Tanna K, All rights Reserved. Written For: Tinytown Unleashed