Coughlin’s expanded request for Cohasset documents

Former town manager Mike Coughlin e-mailed Tinytown Unleashed today saying that he has expanded his request for documents.  Cohasset Capital Budget members Steve Gaumer and Jack Kenilley have been added to the list. Kenilley is also a member of the governance structure committee. Coughlin had previously requested documents from Capital budget member Peter DeCaprio, who also is a water commissioner. One of Coughlin’s frustrations with his brief tenure here was the existence of a government behind a government being conducted on the computer screens of a select few.

Also, George Chamillard, a member the Cohasset Advisory committee, Peter Pescatore, chairman of the Cohasset Advisory committee, acting town manager Mike Milanoski and Lenora Jenkins, a member of the Cohasset Water commission, along with her husband, Selectman Leland Jenkins (Leland was previously reported. And former selectman Ralph Dormitzer.

Selectman Leland Jenkins and Steve Gaumer have both filed papers to run for selectman this year.  There are two seats up. Russ Bonetti, chairman of the Cohasset Preservation Commission has taken out papers but has not yet filed. Coughlin has made no request for documents from Bonetti.

 Q. Will Coughlin have to pay $80 an hour for the town to research this information?

A.  No  – the Town must produce the information at no charge to the plaintif


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