Coughlin to call press conference in near future

Cohasset Town Manager Mike Coughlin plans to hold a press conference in the very near future to talk with townspeople about his goals and objectives with regard to his employment with the town. I think you will be very surprised at what he has to say. As soon as we know the time and place of the press conference, you will know. Coughlin is utilizing our blog to get his information to taxpayers because it is available for him to use. As it is available for Cohasset Water Chair Peter DeCaprio to use.

In related news, it would be good for you to note that although Mr. Hedge Fund Peter DeCaprio has been a water commissioner for two years, there is little and no news posted on the site from his reign. It’s all from the Glen Pratt daze. Maybe it’s time for DeCaprio to put some of his rhetoric on his own site so we dummies can see it better. Of course every time he talks he says something different. Hard to know what is actually happening here. Perhaps this is why he is flapping his wings.

By his own admission, DeCaprio has held largely un-posted, investor-type meetings with local boards and committees about the Water RFP; no news of Cohasset Water’s RFP appears on his website and yet this is an issue which has made the National news and which has resulted in this blog receiving over 1500 visits a day every day. DeCaprio himself corresponds with tinytownunleased almost daily, giving us our only news of town hall which has been locked down. Employees have a gag order. They are no longer permitted to speak to TinytownUnleashed. Did our new Acting Town Manager, my neighbor, do this? Are we now under Milanoski law?

We continue to learn what little we know from Hedge DeCaprio, who recently told us: “…we have convinced the new finance department that they are in fact on the hook for the $500k that the town owed us previously, and they have also agreed that their original overhead allocations to us were incorrect. More cash for the water company. I know you will regard that as a net negative somehow, but everyone else that doesn’t view our operations through the prism of Bear Hill is likely to see it the same way we do.”

Alas. It would appear “the new finance” department is also being run by DeCaprio, over the advice of the DOR. Does DeCaprio have photos of the selectmen with sheep? What is happening here? Do we even need any selectmen when we have the awesome DeCaprio?

In the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Sunnydale, California is portrayed as have being built on the Gates of Hell. I now think of Cohasset that way. A lawless, cowboy town populated by  selectmen and water commissioner vampires – feeding upon all of us…because they can.

DeCaprio is a music man kind of fellow. He’s the selling agent and he is selling like he never sold before. He is on every blog of every newspaper, in all the newsprint he can make it into. And do you know what? People are beginning to understand what he is about. And he is about Peter DeCaprio, hedge fund. He hopes to make Cohasset Water part of his portfolio, and when I see American Water open and still selling  on Crow Point Partners site, I wonder if Peter’s selling Cohasset Water through American.

Hedge fund investors come and go in the blink of an eye. You never know who will show up.

DeCaprio is fighting for a lot of money here. But I’m not sure it’s for your benefit.

I think Tom Wolf is right. So do a lot of people.

This will require you to come to Annual Town Meeting in May and vote NO WAY IN HELL on the concession contract article.

We will ask 7 people to stand for a ballot vote on this question at annual town meeting.





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