Coughlin says Cohasset Governance’s Legislation not blessed by State

Mike Coughlin researched the Cohasset Governance committee’s statements about its Amended Town Manager Act having fully been vetted by the DHCD. He says this was hardly the case.

From Mike Coughlin

to Chairperson Peake

In a recent article in the Cohasset Mariner,  members of the Governance Committee implied that H 3486 had been fully vetted by Marilyn Contreas of the Department of Housing and Community Development.
While the Governance Committee may have met with Ms Contreas, neither her nor her office has formerly reviewed H 3486.   In other communities, such was the case in Southbridge, if Ms Contreas is involved in a local government change she issues her opinions in writing.  This was the case recently in North Attleboro where citizens are seeking to change their form of government.
I attach an article from Ms Contreas which underscores the importance of overwhelming support for any change in government structure.  Clearly, this is not the case with H 3486.
 Michael J Coughlin


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