Correcting the commentaries in the Cohasset Mariner

Our response to Selectman Steve Gaumers weekly Cohasset Mariner commentary, Sept. 13

  1. Selectmen by bylaw have the legal right to reject any appointment the acting town manager makes. Contrary to Gaumer’s opinion, no additional policy is necessary.
  2. Selectman Chair Fred Koed has stated about 20 times over the last 8 months that there should be a public process for both the permanent police chief and permanent town manager. “Public jobs should be advertised publicly.”
  3. The police chief search was called off twice, but hardly by Fred Koed. The first time it was called off by a 5-0 vote: selectmen calling off the search were Paul Carlson, Leland Jenkins, Diane Kennedy, Fred Koed and Martha Gjesteby. The ad for the police chief was discovered to be illegal and  neither the board of selectmen or town counsel SAW THE AD before it was published. Someone could have sued over an ad noting that there was a strong internal candidate and that the qualifications mirrored Bill Quigley’s resume down to a strange little school he attended.  The language at the end of that first ad that was published on priority websites, stated: ANY DEVIATION IN THE AFOREMENTIONED PROCESS MAY BE GROUNDS FOR REJECTION OF YOUR APPLICATION. Common Cause and candidates for the position could have eaten us alive. After that ad ran Milanoski got 10 applicants. A neighboring town looking for a police chief got over 90 resumes. Milanoski’s hot-wired ad was so narrow that no one could apply.
  4. Gaumer is wrong again: Selectmen went crazy advising acting town manager Mike Milansoki on how to proceed with the search: where to advertise, language for ad, etc. They even hired a consultant to help him.
  5. Gaumer said “Koed, Quigley and Gjesteby had stopped the search again.” Not true. In June a newly elected board voted to stop the police chief search.  Selectman Karen Quigley had just been seated.  See 3.

Our response to Trish Morse, a member of the governance committee:

  1. Neither Gjesteby, Koed or Quigley have ever made any personal statements about Quigley and you know it.
  2. Acting chief Bill Quigley and his team do not sit in limbo. They are paid bi-weekly, and they are paid well. Quigley will have a job in Cohasset whether he is appointed chief or not.
  3. If Quigley is as great as Morse says he is, than there is little doubt in anybody’s mind that any permanent town manager would want him to be chief.
  4. BUT. He will have to compete with other applicants for the job. The job is not his by default.
  5. Quigley supporters want him to be anointed like acting town manager Mike Milanoski was anointed. Now we have the anointed one anointing others. This is not good governance. This is interlocking directorships – internal spawning.

Our response to R. Murray Campbell, Mariner letter-writer

  • Koed, Gjesteby and Quigley did not vote to revise the qualifications of the permanent town manager to require more years of TM experience than possessed by our acting town manager. The qualifications were voted 3-2 at a public meeting. The question is, would he be a legal candidate under the current Town Manager Act? If selectmen want him, we are sure our clever town counsel could make it happen.

What’s important here is that the town manager’s job and the police chief’s job are public jobs and they should be advertised, and there should be a selection committee. We are a government; we are not Apple or Pilgrim Bank. Government demands public process.

Selectmen are our elected representatives. When Milanoski, who is appointed and Peter Pescatore who is appointed and Jack Keniley who is appointed go ahead and recommend a new town treasurer/collector without running anything by our elected representatives, our selectmen ––then I have a serious problem and your selectmen have a serious problem. We did not elect the appointed boards of our town to bypass our public’s elected representatives – aided and abetted by the acting town manager.

More importantly, Mr. Campbell: the board of selectmen have not excluded anyone from applying for the position of permanent town manager.


© Copyright 2013 Tanna K, All rights Reserved. Written For: Tinytown Unleashed

  1 comment for “Correcting the commentaries in the Cohasset Mariner

  1. Mike Coughlin
    September 16, 2013 at 2:20 pm

    Trish Morse has a hard time with history and giving credit where it is due. It was Chief Mark Deluca not Bill Quigley who fought– and I do mean fought for a K- 9 unit against the likes of her new found friends Steve Gaumer and Jack Keniley who were against the dog— remember Trish — Steve calling it mission creep.

    It was Chief Mark Deluca not Bill Quigley who fought Lee Jenkins for Quigley’s and Lennon’s take home cruisers. It was Chief Mark Deluca not Bill Quigley who fought for new programs, weapons, equipment and a vehicle replacement program.

    Trish, you call Bill Quigley a “people’s chief”. Well you might be right, if the people are named Gaumer, Keniley, Dormitzer and Chamiliard. A chief must serve all of the people not only those who live in the vicinity of Atlantic Ave and Jerseulem Road.

    Trish, an individual who “chops” as opposed to “cops” his way to the top is not ready to be chief. Chief Mark Deluca promoted Bill Quigley to be his deputy and then Bill threw him under a bus driven by Mike Milanoski to advance himself. Mike Coughlin appointed Bill Quigley and then Bill threatened to sue that same Town Manager when he tried to get justice for Sgt Conte.

    Trish, are can you laud a department whose most members don’t even have a shred of human decency to care for a man who they “walked in harm’s way” with who sitting in a hospital bed. In many respects its sad that the department cares more about a dog than their former chief.

    A true leader, a true cop, a true chief puts differences aside when a former colleague is injured– not the case with Acting Chief Quigley– who is just that– acting— acting as both a chief and a human being

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