Commentary on Cohasset officials’ commentaries

It was sad to read the commentaries in another newspaper by Ralph Dormitzer, a member of the Governance committee and Water Commissioners Peter DeCaprio and Leonora Jenkins.

Five finalists have come before the town to apply for the permanent town manager’s position. Dormitzer, DeCaprio and Jenkins have  attacked them in print, calling them lightweights. Some of those candidates are getting nasty calls from Cohasset residents, some of them town officials, in an effort we can only suppose is to make them step down. 

How can Dormitzer worry about any of the candidates’ lack of Massachusetts municipal law or finance when the town’s acting town manager’s only experience in dealing with an elected board is with the Town of Cohasset as an acting town manager? In Milanoski’s first year he pleased the board of selectmen in every way. In the second year not so much.

Dormitzer congratulates Milanoksi for a great job and for being an “activist” acting town manager. Does Dormitzer not believe the candidates applying for the job with over 94 years of town manager experience between them, many of whom also hold law degrees from New England law schools, could not preform as excellently and even better than our acting town manager who according to Dormitzer, was a fast study?

As for Dormitzer’s complaint about not having a citizens’ committee to further examine the candidates – he might remember selectmen agreed early on (5-0) to not politicize the search and let the Collins Center do it. We don’t understand Dormitzer’s wish to “re-vet” the candidates, who have already been vetted by a firm qualified to do the same. Why would acting police chief Bill Quigley who is hired by the acting town manager, who wants the permanent  job, need to vet them again? Would that be a good governance thing to do?

Dormitzer also states that the new TM Act requires the board of selectmen to create a citizens’ search committee to assist in the search. It does not say that. It simply says a search committee will be created. Of couse an outside firm can and should be hired. Much of what boards of selectmen wish to know about candidates does not require police work.   

In any case, Milanoski cannot apply under the current Town Manager’s Act. The Amended Town Manager’s Act has been delayed for some time, most recently because of a typo.

Some of the candidates are unemployed.  How soon Peter DeCaprio forgets that Milanoski was unemployed when he was given an illegal multi-year town manager’s contract.

Milanoski, also, does not Google well. 

DeCaprio’s and Jenkins, who are both elected officials, must be breaking something in the Town’s Code of Ethics as they do this kind of surgery on the candidates.

Perhaps we need Cohasset Pastors to step up and calm down the situation.

© Copyright 2013 Tanna K, All rights Reserved. Written For: Tinytown Unleashed