Cohasset’s Special Town Meeting Mystery Petition Revealed

The petition printed below is the mystery petition that was delivered to the Cohasset Town Clerk’s office at 6:25 p.m. on Oct. 29, 2013 – 35 minutes before the selectmen’s meeting on the same date.

We dubbed it the mystery petition because no one was permitted to see it for an entire week. ActUp Town Manager Mike Milanoski said it was a failed petition and therefore not a public document (100 signatures were needed, the petition had only 96 certified signatures).

Eventually, it was town counsel, we imagine, who freed the document from Milanoski prison. Town officials whom we spoke with about this document claim to have never seen it.

It is not a pretty document. Mariner Commentator John McSheffrey was the first signer. We doubt Moderator Dan Evans would have permitted voters to vote on this abortion of requested do-overs that usurp the selectmen’s authority and asks for unspecified amounts of money to be moved to and fro. Nope. This hardly makes it as a legal article.

McSheffrey says the town needs additional time to consider whom will be the permanent town manager. We should not rush it. But what he’s really saying is that we should wait for annual elections and see if Cohasset Select Chair Fred Koed can be unseated, and then McSheffrey, Peter DeCaprio and Jack Keniley can continue on with their merry tricks.

How very quaint this convoluted petition is. Did ActUp write this? We believe so. It sounds like his work when he is pretending to be town counsel.

Read this and weep.  

The Draconian document:

A Petition to add a question to the Special Town Meeting

A motion to amend the current budget of the Town of Cohasset


To see if the Town will vote to amend the current budget from available funds needed by various departmental budgets and appropriations to complete the fiscal year ending June 30, 2014 or to decrease or otherwise adjust any budget line item as appropriated by the town at the 2012 annual town meeting held on May 5 and 15 or the December 10, 2012 Special Town Meeting, fund and other deficits, or to take any other action related thereto the hiring on key town management positions:

1: A new Town Police Chief

2: A new Town Manager

Or take any other action related thereto.


INFORMATION SUMMARY: this article asks the special town meeting to amend the budget by funding and allowing the current management to remain in their acting positions until the end of this fiscal year June 30, 2014 and restricting the hiring of a new town managers (sic) until June 30, 2014 (Editor’s note: when Selectman Fred Koed does not win re-election, we guess.)

The current process for hiring new senior managers is flawed for three reasons:

*  The self-imposed  December deadline  is rapidly approaching and as of October  29, 2013 not a single candidate  has been  interviewed. The December deadline is an artificial deadline and does present the town enough time to properly vet all possible candidates.

* The well documented and highly publicized  behavior of the existing Board of Selectman limits the towns ability to attract a proper pool of  candidates. Additional time is required to allow the board to correct the issues at hand and to ensure that they do not repeat the costly mistakes associated with hasty hiring  practices.

* Due to the efforts of the Acting Police Chief and Acting Town  Manager, Cohasset is presently in a strong economic position thus allowing time to not rush the hiring of a fulltime candidates (sic).

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