Cohasset’s Nov. 23rd town meeting to be lack luster

The myriad of petitions expected to be the focal point of Cohasset’s Nov. 23rd special town meeting have not materialized.

A petition article, which no one has ever seen, did not get the required 100 votes. There were 109 signatures, with 100 being required. Only 96 signatures were valid.

Whatever the petiton said failed by four signatures.

Numerous Cohasset residents saw Mariner Commentator John McSheffrey  (best friends with ActUp town manager Mike Milanoski, as are all the Mariner commentators) at the Cohasset train station soliciting those signatures. Can’t trust those commuters. They’re not even sure what town they live in.

Some people who refused to sign the petition said it directed an unspecified source to not fund the Collins’ Center search for a town manager. We assume the unspecififed source might have been the Cohasset Advisory Committee.

The Collins Center at UMass Boston has already compeleted the terms of the contract, and so it will get paid, nonetheless, if it has not already been paid.  It will deliver to the Cohasset Board of Selectmen five eminently qualified professional town managers as soon as early November. We have been told by our sources, gleaned over 40 years of reporting on the south shore, that the candidates are fantastic.

Several other people who saw the failed petition said it was convoluted, almost impossible to make sense of. Perhaps it was written by members of Cohasset’s Good Governance group that recently petitioned selectmen to appoint Acting Police Chief Bill Quigley Permanent Chief.

And so, dear people of Cohasset.

An unnecessary special town meetng will take place November 23rd, and nothing is on it that needs your attention.

Don’t cancel your travel plans.

Everything on this special can wait until annual.

This special town meeting was ordered by citizens’ petition as a Tribute to Mike Milanoski. But they couldn’t get enough signatures.




&copy Copyright 2013 Tanna Bk, All rights Reserved. Written For: Tinytown Unleashed

© Copyright 2013 Tanna K, All rights Reserved. Written For: Tinytown Unleashed