Cohasset’s Governance upstages Selectmen at State House

Last week the Governance committee told State Representative Garrett Bradley that a delay in the passage of the Town Manager Act could properly be described as an emergency and urged him to help move the amended act forward. It is unclear what the emergency is here.

 Further, governance chair Christine Cunning stated in her letter to State Rep. Garrett Bradley that the Act had to be passed promptly because  “Our work includes bringing current by-laws into compliance with the revisions to the Cohasset Town Manager Act which (sic) the Town meeting overwhelming approved.”

 To the best of our knowledge, the governance committee has not begun to work on any bylaws. On May 9, 2013 the governance committee decided to take a look at the town bylaws for the first time, saying committee members should obtain their own copies before the ensuing meeting.

The passage of the Town Manager’s Amended Act has little and nothing at all to do with the committee’s future review of the bylaws. The Amended Act is very narrow in scope. All it does is allow the acting town manager the legal right to apply for the permanent job, as it removes all qualifications.

Unless the Governor signs the amended Town Manager Act into law pronto, the board of selectmen, bound by the current Town Manager Act, will be looking for a professional town manager who is not presently serving in an appointed or an elected position in the Town of Cohasset. And that would appear to exclude the acting town manager.

At this week’s selectmen’s Wednesday, June 10 meeting governance is asking selectmen to “weigh in” and to join the committee in requesting that proposed new Home Rule Amendment H-3486 be considered an emergency for legislative action.

Our State House sources say that the acting town manager and members of the governance committee have been  aggressively engaged in guiding the town manager act amendment forward. The acting town manager stated at a recent meeting he was not sure there would be money available for a search in FY 14, maybe not even FY 15.

In the meantime, Selectmen hope to sign a $16,000 maximum executive search contact with the Collins Center at UMass as soon as this week. It is requesting a transfer from the advisory committee.

In its June 27 minutes governance discussed asking the board of selectmen if it could participate the Collins Center meetings/work as their work appeared to be parallel.

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