Cohasset’s Code of Civility

This is such a joke.

Town of Cohasset

 Code of Core Values for Civil Discourse

Mission & Values

The Town of Cohasset’s municipal government values hard work, honesty, respect, integrity and earnest desire to work collaboratively to best serve our residents. The town government, made up of town employees and elected and appointed volunteers, is committed to providing the public with the highest level of services delivered in the most efficient manner with the financial resources available.


Code of Ethics

As public officials, we are committed to civility, tolerance and respect in all public discourse. Accordingly, we demand from all employees, members of the Boards, Commissions and Committees the highest standards of personal integrity, truthfulness, honesty, civility and fairness in carrying out public duties. Public officials are to avoid any improprieties in their roles as public servants and never use their town positions or powers for personal gain.

On behalf of the community, the Cohasset Board of Selectmen herby adopts the following Code of Core Values for Civil Discourse and will ask that all public officials and employees become comfortable with these expectations.

Code of Core Values for Civil Discourse

· Integrity- I shall make no promises or commitments I cannot reasonably expect to fulfill, and I shall maintain appropriate social, ethical, and organizational norms in Town related activities.

· Ethics- I pledge to maintain the highest standards of professional behavior and to comply with the laws, regulations, and policies under which we operate.

· Civility – I pledge to help create an atmosphere of respect and civility in which individual Commissioners, Town Manager, department heads, staff, committee and board members, and the public are free to express their ideas and work to their full potential.

· Respect for the Individual – I respect the diversity of Commissioners, staff, and committee members, and citizens and will always strive to provide fair and equitable treatment to all and to encourage personal and professional growth.

· Communication – I pledge to be open, consistent, truthful, and respectful in all communications, written and verbal, as this is vital for reflective and sound decision-making for the Cohasset community.

· Teamwork – I shall work together with others, with mutual respect, to achieve organizational goals – recognizing that unity of purpose and effort leads to productivity and greater accomplishments.

• Leadership – I shall lead by example, using appropriate interpersonal skills, and shall strive to maximize citizen and staff involvement in decisions and initiatives that further the goals of the community.

· Creativity and Innovation – I shall strive to stimulate and appreciate new concepts and solutions suggested by all, encouraging creative ideas and solutions that benefit the community.

· Quality – I shall strive for excellence in every phase of my work with others on behalf of the Town.

· Stewardship – I shall strive to make a positive contribution to our town and enhance the quality of services throughout the Cohasset community.

· Efficiency – I shall work to attain our goals by optimizing the use of our time and financial resources.

· Organizational Sensitivity – I shall consider the impact of all decisions on the town’s financial resources and recognize and work within the limitations that exist in the Town’s municipal structure and budget.

· Adaptability – I shall respond efficiently and effectively to the needs of our citizens and adapt to any changes in how the town operates.

· Recognition – I shall recognize and value individual contributions to the Town of Cohasset, as the town’s mission and vision are pursued.

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  1 comment for “Cohasset’s Code of Civility

  1. benbache
    September 20, 2012 at 9:49 pm

    From an enforcement perspective, this code is extremely weak, as it appears to be optional even for town officials. For example, the Selectmen “will ask” that all public officials “become comfortable” with the code of civility.

    After that, it is filled with pledges. “I pledge to help create an atmosphere of respect and civility,” etc.

    All of this language is a far cry from a requirement of civility. Obviously, if civility were actually required, we might have seen evidence of it by now in Cohasset.

    The weak code also explains why the Selectmen didn’t do anything about DiCaprio this week. What can they do? There is no enforcement mechanism, and no penalty assessed for violating it.

    Unless maybe the penalty is having to live in the Town of Cohasset… it seems like a miserable place, based on the constant juvenile name-calling. Maybe just living there is penalty enough.

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